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NYXMATTEStacy B here! I may be a coupon cutting, deal finding, drugstore shopping mom, but that doesn’t mean I’m not up on the latest fashion. I watch the shows, read the magazines and check the websites and try to stay up on latest trends (cost-efficiently, of course!) But, life gets busy sometimes. I forget to check my blogs and sites, or I find myself reading a People from 3 weeks ago or I look in my closet and realize my most current shirt is from October. Oops.
That usually sends me straight to Nordstrom’s Rack, or for a quick update and an inexpensive retail pick-me-up. I try, really. And I never pay full price. I’m posing this question to you because I am not ashamed to admit I miss the latest trends sometimes and I know you all have those busy weeks when you suddenly realize your toes aren’t bare because you took off the polish, they’re bare because the color chipped off and grew out. We’re all busy people!
So….are matte lips in? I lean toward no. Help me out ladies, flat or gloss? And I’m not talking about my newly redone bathroom walls. I don’t really like how matte lips look and in scanning my People (the January 16 issue, I’m only 1 week behind!) I didn’t see a lot of matte lips. Maybe some matte color with some gloss over it, but nothing flat.
In the name of fashion, make-up and blogging, I tried a matte lipstick from NYX this week. I chose Whipped Caviar, a neutral beige-y pink. Something about that name makes my stomach turn. Whipped Caviar? Whipped fish? Fish on my lips? gross. That’s the pregnant lady talking right there, don’t worry, it doesn’t taste or smell like fish!
It was a little pink on me, but I’m a champion layerer and adding some shimmer in a brownish gold color made it workable. The color went on fairly smoothly, sometimes mattes can pull, but this was a bit more creamy than I expected. It really had staying power, I ate lunch at work the other day, wiped my mouth and noticed a decent amount of color on the napkin, about 4 hours later!
My biggest complain about mattes is that they can dry you out. I didn’t notice any drying right away, but after a few days I had some dryness on my lips. I do like layering with a moisturizing gloss so that might have helped. I took a break for a day and my lips felt fine. It also felt a little heavy at first, which I wasn’t crazy about. I don’t want to feel like I’m eating lipstick. Especially one named after fish eggs.Kiss
I am not sure I’d keep this as an every day lipstick, but it might be nice for a special occasion where you need that color to stay put. It did last and for only about $6, it’s worth a try if you are into mattes. Or, if they are in again and I totally missed it. I’ll catch up on maternity leave, I promise!

Any of you matte girls? What’s the most you would pay for your dream lipstick?! Oh, that’s a fun question!

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