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nuancelipstickHey ladies! Jeanasina here, remember when you were a little kid and at some moment in time… you got your first access to your mom’s or somebody’s makeup stash?

What was the FIRST item of makeup you wanted to try the MOST! IT WAS THE LIPSTICK RIGHT?

That is why, I’m talking about the Salma Hayek Nuance Line LIPSTICK! Thanks to all of you who responded to my last blog about Nuance! I smiled so hard at the warm comments that my mouth got all goon-faced up. And how do you accent up a goon-faced mouth? You put lipstick on it!

My new absolute FAVORITE lipstick is Color Vibrance Lipstick in the Nuance line by that radiantly beautiful woman – Salma Hayek!

I was at the CVS pharmacy filling my basket with all the skin care line products I could get my mitts on…I kept peeking over at the lipsticks in the Nuance line. So…I did the only natural thing…I purchased ONE tube.

First off, the tube the lipstick comes in….it’s SO attractive and compelling! The tube is of course hygienically sealed up tight in a black sleek square lipstick case with white flowers etched on the cover. It’s really quite lovely. The bottom of the tube there is a clear Lucite panel and it ‘looks like’ the lipstick is rolled up inside the Lucite so you can see it! It’s just an attractive illusion, but… it DOES show you what color the lipstick is going to be!

The thing about drugstore lipsticks is you have to ‘guess’ if a color will work for you. You are not allowed to disrobe the lipsticks from their protective covers and then smear the colors around on your hands/arms or lips and then put it back! Another reason I liked the fact I could see a glimpse of the color on the bottom of the tube.

Salma had me right there with the fascinatingly alluring tube. The best part? When I took off the seal and brought the lipstick up to my lips. There was thunderous applause in my own head! WOW! This lipstick had the WOW factor for me! It’s luscious! It’s moist! It makes my thin lips feel just the right amount of lush!

I have a bin with probably 30 old and new lipsticks in it I’d toss them all away in trade for this one KEEPER lipstick. It’s that good for me.

The moisture quotient in this colorful lip application is SO pleasing! It’s moist but not so moist that if you kiss somebody they immediately and discreetly go and grab a rag to try and scrub the glop they feel is left on their lips from your kiss! When I kissed my husband with this lipstick on, he stepped back and looked at my lips as if to say…”I can’t tell if you have lipstick on for sure.” Or else he was simply reeling from how smooth and silky my lips felt! (Yeah…I’m pretty sure that was it.)

Salma’s lipsticks come in 9 shades and one of the ingredients is Vitamin E for moisture! There is a creamy enjoyment you feel every time you glide this lipstick over your lips!

I decided to try the ‘My Favorite’ #145’, color shade that Selma named because she thought the color would ‘look good’ on the majority of women and IT DOES! I have a terrible time finding a shade of lipstick that works with my olive/age-yellowing shade of skin and THIS does the job!

Other shade color options are … ‘shimmering nude’, ’coral’, ’plum mauve’, ‘wine’, ‘dusty rose’, ‘terra-cotta’, ‘passion pink’, and ‘paprika’!

I also think the lipstick lasts pretty well, but it’s not an “all day stay-on-your-lips-even-if-you-are-tearing-into-baby-back-ribs kind of staying power!” And if it does fade, ladies, who cares…I get to put it on again! Yay for me!

I know we each have our own ‘criteria’ about what is important in our lipstick choices.

My criteria is simple…I have to like how it feels on my lips…how it looks…. if it’s worth the money and IF I feel better for having it on my lips! THIS lipstick meets all of my personal criteria!

I realize a downside of only selling this lipstick at CVS pharmacy limits the accessibility of the Nuance products to get out to the women who want to experience them! All I can say is…if you have access, you might want to try them.

The lipstick sells for $9.99. My opinion is free! EDITOR NOTE-ON SALE FOR $7.49!

I’ve got more to say about the other products in the Nuance line so stay tuned if you are interested!

Until we meet again, you can purchase this lipstick here!

What are your favorite lipstick brands?




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