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Hello, Katie here, your Sephora insider guru! It was about time. It has been probably six months or so since I’ve had a new fix. (Fix: discovery of a new product that, as it turns out, I absolutely cannot live without!) Most recently, I think it was the Alexandra de Markoff Fresh Eye Cream Plus illuminator/highlighter/concealer/brightener wonder potion. A more affordable version of the YSL Touche Eclat…which any further away than 8 inches, (close enough to read the writing), you can’t even tell is NOT the $40 Touche Eclat.

Urban Decay is already on the upper echelon of my favorite products ever list with the Primer Potion. Honestly, I don’t konw how you could live without it. Honestly. And I used to really like the Ultraglide Lipglosses for their consistancy and color choices. Except the tubes were prone to burst. And now sephora only carries four shades when there used to be 10. But with their new LIPSTICKS, (not that my faith was shaken…it wasnt) my faith is exponentially increased!

They are SOOOOOOOOO Pretty! Every single color is wearable. They smell good, they aren’t sticky and grainy! I think that wearability of the colors is a big plus though. Take NARS, for example, which I love, and they have about 80 million different lipstick shades but they just are so unwearable. I have about 4 or 5 that actually look good on me. But I’m pretty sure I could pull off every single one of them. I have Gravity, a rich red, full coverage semi-matte. It is my official segue into the dark lip trend this fall, and perhaps will henceforth be known as Katie’s Official Red Lip color of choice. I also got Tease, a pinky coral which is right in like with my normal daytime colors.

Except for that crazy little plastic dagger which pokes you and often literally draws blood when you touch the tube – the Urban Decay Lipsticks are super f!resh for fall!

Xstatic817 here, and I’m chiming in about these lipsticks as well! They’re that good! Today I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of a “look” and — taking it a step further — the idea of labels and even identity. Now I’m not going to get too metaphysical for everyone on a Sunday — of a 3 day weekend no less — but recently I’ve been thinking a lot about my “look” and what it is.

I’ve found that thinking about what I’m trying to portray to the world makes it a whole lot easier to both get dressed in the morning and put on my makeup. I’m certainly not saying that you need to define yourself and stay within that little box forever. I’ll change my look daily, depending on my mood. Glam. Sophisticated. Earthy. Nude (ok, that one is just for makeup). Hippie. Trendy. Boho and on and on and on. But when I actually pose the question to myself, “Who do I want to be today?” it makes it kinda more fun to get ready for my day (or night).

I’ve come to the conclusion, though, that unlike the Osmonds, I’m neither a little bit country, nor a little but rock n’ roll, but I am, however, a little bit rockabilly and a little bit goth chick. Ok, probably more like four parts rockabilly and one part goth chick. It’s how I feel most comfortable and also it’s the look that I have the most fun with. So generally I’m both made up and dressed with a bit of a vintage 40s-50s feel sprinkled with a dash of Hot Topic.

Which is why the new lipsticks by Urban Decay had me at their sword hilt. I’m a total sucker for packaging. My husband always tells me I’m a marketer’s dream. But I have to give credit where credit is due, and these purple metal tubes with a dagger at the end satisfy my need for a little goth edge and are just plain FUN. And isn’t that what makeup is supposed to be about? If it’s a pain to “put on our faces” (as my Grandma used to say), then we’re doing something wrong. Also, it smells delicious. At first I couldn’t place the scent…sugary…cakey…but apparently its crème-caramel. Bonus point number two for Urban Decay!

OH, the actual product, you want to know about too. Well, it also rocks. I have it in two colors: Vinyl (plum semi-sheer sheen) and 5150 (deep coral semi sheer shimmer). Now for two supposedly sheer colors, I get great color payout from them, pigmented but not too stain-y and the color lasts long as well. I’m in love with 5150 which for me shows up more red than coral, perfect for my inner pin-up girl. I think Vinyl with its purpley tinge will be great for fall. (Sidenote: Anyone else absolutely loving the dark lip colors coming our way? I’m dying for a black lip gloss). The texture is absolutely divine; it almost has a balm like quality and makes your lips just feel healthier, which makes sense, considering the ingredients. I’m hooked, and I have to confess to you, I’m a lip gloss gal. I really don’t do lipsticks all that much because I just hate the way they feel on my lips. But not this one. I’m all set to test out all the colors on my next Sephora run; I may even swatch all the way up to my elbow!

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