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angelic“How fickle is woman…” Rhett Butler, Gone With the Wind.

Those in the know often refer to a product as one of their “HG” favorites,short for “Holy Grail” but what does that really mean? Without boring you to tears that will smudge your perfect smokey-eye, Goddess Granny has the basic info for you: “Holy Grail” refers to a sacred object in literature and/or certain Christian traditions so a  “Holy Grail” product would then be one that is “sacred” to the user aka most loved, most used, above all others and very possibly perfect in their eyes…Cherished even? I do get a bit emotionally-invested in my products sometimes so it’s all possible as I see it…

I tend to shift my personal HG items around like they were the “Q” Scrabble tile! They’re fighting to be used but that’s mostly because I probably own more products than anyone should or needs to-oh well! It’s somehow comforting to know that no matter what my mood or disposition, I have products at my fingertips to indulge or create the “me” my fickle-self chooses to be on any given day!

I do have a few things that if the TSA threatened to take them I’d probably be a beast about. Overall, most things are pretty much subject to change or rotation in my vanity:I have textures and colors for “seasonal use” and also that border on theatrical because hey,you just never KNOW when you might need 2″ blue eyelashes, right? The possibility exists in my mind but that’s another post. Kiss

I believe that if there were one single product that most women would say is their “HG” item, it would be something they use on their lips. Our lips are probably the one area we want to protect, define, show off, and even flaunt a bit! Our lips are where the opposite sex tends to focus if we’re lucky! Eyes are amazing for flirting and yes,we’d all love to have flawless skin and glossy hair but they’re really the “foreplay” when it comes to getting busy with your products: even woman I know wants their lips to stand out in a crowd for obvious reasons and yes, some overdo their “enhancements” but the desire to attract and seduce is still the same. I have literally stopped women in their tracks to ask “what color are you wearing?” If it’s one that SCREAMS sexy to me. The women are always happy to share. You’re lucky I’m sharing THIS product with y’all because it seriously has magical powers. Unleashing it on the world might come with some interesting consequences! We at of course, claim no responsibility if a stranger grabs you and starts smooching away!

Napoleon Perdis
is a “Meg Head” to me now whether he knows it or not. He’s “one of us”. We’ve chatted about his exceptional line of products designed to be used by anyone and available at any number of retail outlets including some Ulta and Target locations and we’ve also chatted about his designing-genius and artistry. We’ve even gotten to see and hear his handsome Aussie-self live in Meg’s fabulous clips! His company continues to set the standard for upscale and innovative products and every time I visit the site, there’s something new and cool to get gaga over and I don’t think he ever sleeps! If you’ve visited the site and browsed around you’ve noticed his gorgeous wife. I for one believe this man is SO good at what he creates simply because he loves women…Lucky us!

I don’t think I’ve ever met a lippy I didn’t like! Napoleon’s “Luminous Lip Veil” has not only gone ’round with me but has become THE lip product I panic over if it falls to the bottom of my bag and I can’t grab hold of it immediately!
It’s that unique and amazing…Dare I say that powerful?

This “liquid lipstick” is even luscious in it’s clear tube: it shimmers and morphs and sings a siren song without doing a thing! When you use the adorable brush to apply it, something changes about your face…the product captures the light like NOTHING I’ve ever seen before and gives a fuller effect to the lips…more than that, it hydrates with Aloe Vera to soothe/smooth and I seriously think it takes ages off one’s face because it gives the effect of sparkling “youth” and is just so damn pretty on! Flavored with lycee, I get a hint of strawberry as well and it wears well without feathering. Napoleon suggests “lining after” as we already know from his chat with Meg! My shade is “Angelic Psychedelic” (name rather suits me…) shown above and it’s the PERFECT raspberry-pink of Summer with SO much built-in glam and glow you really have to try it to see what I mean: it doesn’t have a “frost” or “glitter” but something magical that shimmers like no other lippy and reflects every available sun or moon beam so that you sparkle like the star you are!

It is my “HG” lip product for now and possibly for a very long time!

There is an amazing array of shades to choose from and I can’t imagine anyone not loving at least one!I need “Cherchez La Femme” for the name alone and cant imagine how beautiful that lilac shade will be “in person!” Chic packaging, great product for price value and if you love lippy like I do this is a MUST TRY product because I haven’t tried anything else that rivals it’s effect!

Buy it here and be sure to hang out on the site,I could spend an afternoon and LOVE that it’s so informative and well-designed! I for one and VERY glad Napoleon is “one of us” because his products are just so damn great!

Are you in love in your products or do you subject them to your changing moods as well? Do you believe in the power of the perfect pout like I do?

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