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Meg here! I know I write about some out there topics but don’t worry. Napoleon Perdis Nude Bar is not some new, seedy, drinking joint in a shady part of town! Oh you silly geese! Napoleon Perdis was all about reds for this fall, he was as he always is, completely on target and trend. It may help to be completely on target and trend when you’re the one that creates them…Back to my point. I swear I had one.

So this spring if you’re going to be doing the still hot mettalic eyeshadows then you must pair it with the always sexy nude lip. If you’re doing subtle eyes than go for a bold, spring lip. The Master recommends Hara or Aphrodite!

I write that and it doesn’t sound nearly as fabulous as when Napoleon says it! I wish I was able to exude such prescence. Perdis has been one of the worlds leading makeup artists for years and his Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy  has been held in the highest esteem. It’s like having Harvard on your resume for the beauty world. Unlike other schools, Perdis has created an experience that takes students through the steps, A-Z. Let’s Start with “A” shall we? A for Ambience. The school space is over 9,000 feet on Hollywood Boulevard. It’s steps away from where they host this little event called “The Oscars.” So no big deal. 

Napoleon painstakingly created a work space where his studios not only have top notch materials (computer library, tons of beauty literature and amazing work stations complete with their extremely successful teachers.) He went a step further. Instead of having students searching for cool locations, Napoleon built a studio inside the Academy. At the turn of a key, his school space not only turns into a professional shooting studio but also a fabulous event space. Major magazines and TV productions have been using it at as shooting space and that’s incredible exposure for some very lucky up and coming beauty talents.

One of the reasons Napoleon is so great is because he takes the guess work out of trying to duplicate the trends. Through trial and tribulation (working on the biggest faces in Hollywood) he learned what translated to “real life.” I love that I’m not going to have to sort through “the perfect nude lippy” becuase he already did that for me and presented his top 5 choices. That’s pretty genius.

Tomorrow, I’ll have up part 2 of our exclusive Napoleon interveiw! That’s where we explore his brand new Camera Foundation. It’s finally warming up out here in L.A. L.A. Land (I can see you rolling your eyes from here!) I just can’t wait to go nude.

How about you? Who else is all about the nude lip?

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