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MORLIPBALMIt’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – Jeanasina here with your Body Beautiful Wednesday forecast! I predict there are going to be a lot of women who will want to receive MOR Marshmallow Lip Balm in their stockings this year! This line is new to me, so I did some keen investigative work while strutting around in my Lady Santa outfit. Visualize this ladies…white, fur trim on a red A-line sleeveless dress (white fur at the neckline and all around the hem, thigh high black leather boots with a red rhinestone band at the top, red rhinestone poinsettia earrings and an old fashioned white muff with my hands tucked inside to stay warm. I’m also wearing a red beret with white fur around the edges. There is mistletoe strategically placed on a constantly jiggly wire that is attached to my fur edged hat. The ONLY thing I need to top off my holiday festive attire is lip balm in a cute container I can tuck into my hand muff.

You know where this is leading right? That’s right ladies…straight to a review about MOR Marshmallow Lip Balm! Here’s some facts. The MOR marshmallow lip balm comes in a very French looking tin which is gold, pink and black with their impressive emblem on the lid along with some delicate pink flowers. The tin is VERY feminine! I don’t think Mr. Santa Claus will be carrying this tin around in HIS toy sack because it definitely says “WOMAN OWNS THIS ITEM” by the look of it! Once it’s empty I can see putting little treasures in it, you absolutely won’t throw it out – ever! I’m building suspense here so that you are on the edge of your snowboards in anticipation of how nice the product inside is!

And NICE….it IS! When you remove the lid, you see a pink soft moist looking texture just begging to be dipped into by you! When you do dip in to get some on your finger you’ll find it’s exceptionally moist – almost like pink butter but not greasy – yet it feels like your lips are completely coated when you put it on. If you like the sensation of gliding your lips back and forth like some women do when they first put on their lipstick, you’re going to love this stuff because you can do the ‘glide’ for quite awhile! I read many comments stating that women like to put it on before they go to bed and then wake up with soft lips.  

The texture is kind of hard to describe – it’s not greasy – it’s a light texture and not waxy either. It’s just kind of thin and almost feels like you put Vaseline on your lips only this is so much nicer, more womanly. I’d describe it best by saying it kind of melts on your lips. There is no ‘marshmallow’ taste and if there is a taste at all it’s maybe kind of sweet for about a second and then you kind of don’t notice it any more. As I mentioned, the color is a rosy pink and it gives your lips just the barest of natural healthy looking shine.

A little information about MOR for your reading enjoyment… “MOR Cosmetics is committed to becoming the most innovative, respected and talked about niche player in the global cosmetics market.
Botanical gardens of flirtatious flowers create a whimsical journey for the ultimate in feminine decadence. MOR is proudly Australian and recognized globally for its range of innovative, luxury skin care, body care and pampering products.”

If you like to do things you know the rich and famous do…it might interest you to know that the MOR brand is used and loved by…Elle, Hilary Duff, Mariska Hargitay and many famous others! Check out MOR’s great facebook page! This was really a fun product to try and my favorite part was the French looking little tin the gloss came in which I am totally going to covet! Now I have to go, the white fur corset I’m wearing is all jacked up and all the eye hooks are hooked on to my tinsel necklace so I’m going to have a hell of a time trying to get all this Christmas clothing off .

Have any of you tried MOR’s products?

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