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MOJO lipstickHello ladies, this is Eleni! Are you in the mood for lipstick?
Cause when one contests ends, another one begins!
At least that’s the way it has been on, and for as long as we can, that’s the way we’ll keep it going!
It’s not only about the products or the excitement of winning. For us, it’s mostly about the opportunity to get to know you better, read your stories and laugh with you (or at you, but in front of you, so that doesn’t really count, right?)
Remember when last week, our very own Goddess Granny wrote about the amazingness that MOJO lipstick is, comparing it to the future Bond Girl gadget! (hey, people that make movies, are you listening?)
Let me refresh your memory, you can read all about it here.

Well, every single word she wrote about it was true. It was a great surprise to all of us finding a lipstick that not only has excellent futuristic packaging, but also does its job the way it’s supposed to be done! Lately, when Meg loses her keys she gets hysterical, only because she keeps her MOJO on her key chain. Now you can be that person! But let me pass the torch to the expert…

Goddess Granny here!
You know we here at Meg’s LOVE you – and because that “Love-iest of Lipstick Days” aka Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, we’re going to give you yet ANOTHER chance to win a “Titan” complete with a lippy in the every so amazingly beautiful shade of “Pinup”: trust me, it’s all you need to start your journey to glam-girl if you haven’t booked your ticket yet!
Just write a post describing your “Best EVER kiss” and the pink-ladies here at Meg’s will select the post that really gets to the essence of a memorable kissing experience! Keep it R rated and remember: not all kisses are created equal so the one your shared with your teacup poodle or with the person OF your dreams IN your dreams just may be the post that hits us straight in the heart with an arrow! That post-writer will be receiving her very own dose of “Mojo” with the case/lipstick in the “Pinup” shade!

So so ahead and get all misty-eyed as you describe your “Best EVER kiss” and post away!

Your deadline is Sunday 2/7/10 at noon 🙂

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