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mojoGoddess Granny here!
I know what you’re thinking: yet another flippin’ lipstick review from Goddess Granny, blah…blah…blah…Boy am I going to do my level best to make you EAT those words or at least consider putting them on your lips! You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!
Just when I was beginning to actually believe that “I had seen/tried just about all” in cluttered-world of beauty products,something SO incredible and uniquely fabulous lands in my lap and life as I thought I knew it morphs yet again into another level of incredible!

I can’t waste my review-time on idle chit-chat this week my Darlin’s because there is MUCH to say about this company,product,and what Meg’s has in store for you up their pink lace sleeve this week so ho;d on tight and let’s get this party started!

I’d bet my gloss that most of you have heard of the term “mojo”  (and please,let’s attempt to leave any/all political correctness in regards to any more precise definitions of the word to another time?:) and will suffice to say that it means one’s “essence that makes them TICK!” It’s been hailed in song by Jimmy Morrison and many other poets and musicians and Austin Powers had a helluva’ time when he thought he lost his! I think at one time or another,we all feel “less than” if we start to believe that which makes us attractive to the world at large aka our “mojo” takes a vacation and is off the radar for any period of time?
I know I’ve misplaced mine as well from time to time but as with most ellusive/fabulous things,it tends to come back to us when we need it most… I am here to tell you that you’ll never have to be alone without your “Mojo” again thanks to the absolutely ingenious thinking of a company by exactly that name!

“Mojo” Cosmetics may be one of the most recent new cosmetic-kids on the block but one that is also making a HUGE splash: I am not going to even try and top the FABULOUSNESS of their “original” website but will send you off for a cocktail on their turf here, turn up your volume, click on “propaganda” and “press” and prepare to be wowed,I sure was! :

click here!

Know that this company has its proverbial chit together in such a way that it’s been featured in over 120 magazine ads and is racking up the awards faster than a speeding bullet,no pun intended 🙂

They do not claim to be “innovative” like so many, they are “extremists” and proud of it and oh do I LOVE them for it! They want only to bring you the “world’s best” in botanically-based cosmetics but also to give you a sensory experience like no other in the process! The little yet full-sized “bullet” of lipstick is perfect: a smooth and minty formula that glides across one’s lips leaving behind rich and creamy color that instantly elevates your look to that of a “Pinup Girl” in the most elemental way. I know we’ve been chatting recently about how “lipstick is BACK” but this one’s like riding around town in a vintage convertible wearing Chanel sunglasses seated next to Brad Pitt (insert hunk of your choice here…) and waving to admirer’s in terms of setting that lippy-bar pretty damn high!

Do I even dare to continue to hold your hand and drag you deeper down into this GORGEOUS rabbit hole Miz Alice? LOL! Let’s talk about how this lipsticks looks and works… yeah… I know,you think you already KNOW how one looks and works, right? HA is all I can say… you haven’t met “The Titan!” (get your mind out of that gutter Stylemama! )

Not only does Mojo enlist the best designers in the biz but they also have engineers that must have stayed up a LOT of nights with some REALLY good wine to come up with this innovative lipstick “case”: a sleek, sexy and machine-milled work of art that’s heat and crush-proof in a “can you believe it seriously” titanium bullet that also has counter directional 180 threads that will NOT open until you do in your purse (and if you’ve ever had a lippy come open/smear all over the interior of a pricey handbag you know what I mean…) and the option of a “silver pearl” chain, can also be worn as an uber-cool accessory or looped around a belt or purse as a charm saying to everyone it sees:”Yeah, that’s right, she’s a freakin Rockstar and if you look closely, a true Bond girl at heart!!!” This is so over the top amazing, I’m still catching my breath every time I reach for the thing! Beautifully made and chic, truly swoon worthy by even the most jaded among us.

The product itself you ask? Is it any good with all that glam going for it? Damn skippy it is, probably one of THE richest lipsticks EVER that tastes of mint, defines your lips better than Botox and pops up your style mojo-meter to one that rivals any celeb on the carpet! My shade is “Diabolic” and let me tell y’all, it has created a stir every time I have worn it and probably the ONLY shade Mike has noticed and wanted me to wear again! The perfectly edited color range of shades is just that perfect and you can also get a concealer to slide into the case! The case itself is sparkling silver OR can you believe it once again, PINK????? Yep… do they have it together or what? And when you see the pricing for what you get, you will simply be amazed! Only because we all know I’m a regular ho’ for packaging will I also mention that it come in SUCH nice silver packaging that a simply bow would be all that’s needed to delight anyone you might share with as a gift.

I know I am gushing but you will be as well when you start checking out the site,the products,and the pricing: what’s included in the “Mojo” line thus far is so lovely and I for one hope that choose to not expand too far too fast and just keep it all “as it” for a little bit so we can continue to be delighted on this level! And,as if I could love them anymore, they donate a whopping 20% of every “pink” product they sell (lippys, nail polish, cases,etc) to Breast Cancer via the BCRF: This company, to me, is the PERFECT example of one that has a conscious, “gets” its customers and truly LOVES/RESPECTS the female species as a whole!

You can actually buy The Mojo Titan here (lipstick is separate)

Ladies, what do you think of Mojo’s crazy packaging idea?
Do you love it as much as we do?
Have you ever tried one of their uber quality products?

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