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BUNNYBUTTMegken here, today I want to give the Megheads out there information that will save them thousands of dollars. As the man on Manly Mondays I feel an obligation to share this with you so your money can be better spent on makeup, beauty products and spa treatments.  Not all of you own cars but the ones that don’t, know people that do. I see more than a few women and some unauto-savvy men ripped off because they don’t know one thing:

“Service Writers”
at dealerships work on COMMISSION.

You know the “nice” guy with the Rolex at the dealership that we take our autos to when we have problems. They are so personable, we build trusting relationships with these guys. I had a guy named Mike at the Jeep dealership, Meg had her guy Tony. No matter what when you go in to fix just that one problem, they would always find 2 to 5 more things that “you better take care of now.”  We better take care of them now so they get a bigger Christmas bonus and fancier watch.  These are people that we tend to trust.  They develop a bond with us. Sometimes we even bring them cookies and wine.  Meg would spend so much money based on Tony’s “strong suggestions” before she met me, even more than the cost of health insurance.

There are a lot of moving parts in cars and eventually everything on a car wears out, but you can wait for most things to wear out and keep your money longer.  Ask the question, “what happens until I wait until if goes out?” Watch them squirm as they think up something to say to horrify you. Answer with, “I’ll just wait.” Parts can last for much for more time than a service writer can estimate and that is money you can hold on to a while longer.  Why buy a new box of Cheerios if there are still two good full bowls in the old box?  You need to be armed with some knowledge to fight these guys so you don’t drive away in a paranoia that your car will explode if you don’t pay them the two thousand dollars. You should get a second, third opinion and learn a little bit about cars. These service writer guys are not your husbands and you don’t gain anything for being loyal to them.  It is not cheating. I encourage you to have an affair on them.
Learn things like, how thin you can wear the disks brakes before you may ruin the calibers. In most states they are required to give you the old parts if you request them. Also do you need new disks or are they still thick enough to resurface?  Also know your car really well. Last Tuesday I took my car  for an oil change. I was given a discount coupon in the mail and wanted to try this  new place. They insisted I need a new water pump this is a 450-650 dollar job. They were dead serious.  They said it’s “making a horrible sound” I said that they were wrong.  They replied, “come on let’s go listen.” We opened the hood and I heard the sound. I shut of the air conditioning, and the sound stopped. They said “Oh, my bad”. But of course they want to sell me a new air conditioning compressor.

I bought the car used 10 years ago and it has always made that sound and it has always made ice cold air. I said what most of you need to say, “I’ll wait until it doesn’t work, then I will fix it.” Most of these guys want to scare you to fix things before they go out. The truth is, change the fluids (oil every 3 or 4 thousand miles, and coolant every 2 years).  If you still see light coming through the air filter and you have tread (tires have wear indicators you can see) on the tires don’t change things until they break. Sometimes belts need changing but not when they have little cracks in the rubber, but when they look frayed and really bad.   Older cars have the potential to leave you stranded, but people get stranded with brand new cars as well, it happens. A nail will give you a flat, it’s going to happen with any car unless you have a run flat system. Just make sure you have AAA.

The worst possible thing happened to me once when my engine caught fire on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. Flames were shooting into the sky as people honked and yelled at me. I was even on the news. Eventually, the fire department got it out with huge cloud of steam and smoke, there was no movie type explosion and insurance paid to fix it. Oh, yeah it was 3 days after Mike sold me a bunch of stuff and services I “needed”.  Surprised

The internet is the key to beating this battle.  My car’s computer for the climate control started acting crazy.  It turned on and off with a mind of it’s own like a horror film. I felt like the only way to fix it would be a priest doing and exorcism to free the paranormal activity. I told my trusted mechanic what the problem was and he couldn’t see me until after the weekend and it would be between 400 and 500 to replace.  In the mean time, I Googled the problem, found a site that had instructions with photos that showed everything step by step. For about 22 dollars 3 hours of time I bought the tools and the 2 dollars part and fixed it myself. I canceled my appointment with the mechanic with a truthful excuse, “it’s working, now.”  He said, “that happens.”

With an economy like we have now it’s hard to find that extra money for car repairs and there are people that are trying to get you to spend more using scare tactics.   The service writer Meg trusted for years (she spoke to him more than her ex.) This was a tough guy to get out of our relationship. She seemed to even trust him more than me. How can an artys Jewish guy from Los Angeles possibly know anything about combustion engines?   Meg knows very little about cars and put too much trust in this guy.  I had to explain to her that this guy was filling his own pocket. He didn’t wear a watch like that by doing favors.

After Meg had spent thousands of dollars on his suggestions we caught him in a big lie-Meg went crazy. I was so proud of her, it’s true, hell has no fury as a woman crossed and she took it to his boss and then his boss’ boss and said “I will blast this all over the internet; how you lie and cheat your customers.”  We were not going to leave until they agreed to fix everything for free! I was so proud of her.  She got them to fix it. Armed with a little information from another auto shop and being taken advantage of one too many times, she was able to force them into make things right.

Now, Meg and her little car are happy. The internet and communities that we are building are the answer to so many things. And as long as we unite to help one another and protect each other on sites like we become more than just a place to go for advice on how to properly use an eye shadow primer but can protect your hard earned cash by purchasing the best one.  And that is transition I will use to bring you to my review, although I love my rant it wouldn’t fair to the Megheads if I didn’t review a product. I am on a continued quest for the best lip balm.  I have been addicted to them since my teens. It started with Chapstick and has moved to the more exotic and in only in desperate times back to Chapstick… It’s not just psychological. It is physical. My lips with shrivel up and crack if I don’t keep them moist.

Over the weekend I found this new line called Bunny Butt Apothecary and bought their Masala Chai, Gourmet Lip Balm.  They have other products that I would love to try but this was the flavor that I thought suited me. It is a little on the greasy side which I prefer to waxy.  There are so many lip balms out there and this brand is fun because of the unique scents and the funny name. This seems to be a trend now, quirky names like Bunny Butt and Chicken Poop. 

I like that Bunny Butt is all natural and has no alcohol. It is in a nice conservative no frills dispenser. It does the job and a little last a long time. It also has good penetration as opposed to just staying on the lip’s surface. The price is reasonable, at under $4 it’s much less than a new air filter. I just started using it three days ago so I have to study the long term effects but from the start I am a happy hare.

Have you ever been ripped off by the service writer/dealer? What happened?

How can I cure my addiction to lip balm?


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