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MAYBELLINESHINESATIONALStacy B here! Like any self-respecting modern woman, I change my handbags with my outfits. I don’t go too crazy, blacks with black outfits, browns with brown outfits and I have a couple cute neutrals to throw in the mix like a fun spring-y green bag, a giraffe-print satchel and a purple suede tote for those days I need a little color. Yesterday was no different when I moved my stuff from my staple black leather tote to my cloth giraffe-print Michael Kors bag, to match my brown boots and camel coat.

Here I am moving wallet, phone, sun glasses, hand sanitizer and lip gloss. And lip gloss. And lip gloss and lip gloss and lip gloss. Good lord did I just move FIVE different lip glosses from one bag to another? Yes I did. I think I have a problem. And the real kicker is that two of them were the same product. Exactly the same. Maybe I was hoping they’d get together and make little lip gloss babies and I wouldn’t have to buy any more. Who knows.
To my defense (I know, there’s really no defense for this, but hear me out. I have to rationalize or I’ll feel like a crazy woman!) One was a balm for my winter chapped lips. One was a sheer I like to wear over lipstick, one was stuck in a pocket — and I really thought I had lost it — and one was running out (hence the twin…which was new).  I decided to purge and narrowed it down to two.
First is my balm because it’s still winter and the air is really dry here so this was a necessity for my lips not to crack, it wasn’t just for a pop of color. The second was for a bit of color and shine. And flavor. Let’s not underestimate how important gloss flavor can be! The lucky gloss that game with me was Maybelline’s ShineSensational lip gloss in Watermelon Punch.
This is PINK. I usually don’t like pink anything, but it’s really sheer, shiny and subtle. It was a great enhancer, which I think all glosses should be. In my opinion, lip sticks are for drastic colors and lip glosses are for enhancing what you’ve got whether it’s your natural lip or your favorite lip stick. This made my regular lips nice and shiny and slightly pink (in a good, healthy way, not a ‘I just sucked on cotton candy’ way). I tried it over my nuetral taupe lip stick and it gave it a glassy look with a hint of pink warmth. It had a watermelon flavor but it wasn’t overpowering and didn’t linger too long. I hate when you put on a flavored gloss and then smell and taste it for the next 3 hours. Yuck. I just like a little kick in the beginning.
It lasted awhile, and made my lips feel pretty moisturized. Some glosses can dry you out and then you need a real balm to recover (see? a good reason to have more than one lip product in your bag! I’m not crazy!) This one didn’t do that at all.
The shine factor was immediate, but didn’t last long. A couple sips of my water bottle and I knew I was losing shine. If you aren’t eating or drinking it will last longer. Here’s the best part though…it wasn’t sticky or gooey at all! I hate sticky and gooey, it’s gross. I have long thick hair so a sticky gloss and a gust of wind and I’m a Chia-pet. Not cute.
For a drugstore gloss, this gets high marks from me. If you are looking for longer lasting, or more pigment, it’s not for you. But if you want what I want, non-sticky, non-drying, light flavor, instant shine and a really low price tag, this is a good choice. Plus, if it gets lost in one bag, you can buy another for under $7.
Ladies, please reassure me that there are other lip gloss junkies out there! Go in your handbag and please post how many lip glosses you tote around!

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