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I’m so excited about this week’s DD that I want to tell you about it right away! But I know the formula here at Meg’s makeup, gotta give the totally unrelated tale of a day in the life…

So, I booked this movie that shoots in the back woods of central Florida where I am required to live in a cabin at Blue Springs State Park for the duration of the shoot. If you’ve been reading my posts, you know staying in the middle of the woods would fall on my list of things to do next to gnawing my own limb off. With great apprehension I arrive at the cabin, which turns out to be absolutely adorable, clean, and even equipped with fireplace and Adirondack rocking chairs on the porch. As if that wasn’t good enough, it ends up that the park is home to a natural spring that is the mating area for hundreds of manatees and their boom-chick-a-wa-wa time is right now!! I am a five-minute walk away from the manatee area where you can actually swim with them. Manatees happen to be one of my favorite animals. So, as you can imagine, this experience has been magical.

Now for the product: This is one of my favorite DD’s to date! It is Maybelline Superstay Gloss. Here is why it is so great. There has been tons and tons of long wearing lipsticks….You know, those opaque crusty things that go on weird and dry your lips out,. But this is actually a shear, long wearing gloss. My makeup artist applies it at the beginning of the shoot, lets the color dry for two minutes, and tops it off with the clear gloss for a perfectly, rosy, glossy pout that lasts So long that I practically wake up with the color on my lips in the morning. The clear gloss, at the opposite end of the tube, only needed one additional application throughout the day even after eating three meals and snacking on the ever-present Kraft service table.

I had recently switched to lipstick because gloss didn’t have the staying power I needed. Now I’m back on the gloss train…..whoooooo…..whooooo. All the other actresses can’t wait to get back to civilization to buy their very own Maybelline Superstay Glosses.

Anyone else ready to run down to their local drugstore chain and pick up this goodie? It’s wonderful!

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