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maybelline14hourStacy B here! I’m in my office, enjoying my view of the construction going on next door where our new building is going up taking a little snack break. And by ‘enjoying the view’ I mean staring terrified at the workers on the ledges of the steel beams flying through the air hoping if someone falls, I’m not the only one who sees it.
It’s about 3 pm and I wipe my mouth and I check my little desk mirror to make sure I have nothing stuck in my teeth and I realize that my morning lipstick just wiped off on my napkin and now my lips are officially bare. It’s been about 7 hours since applied it and it’s been through a full breakfast, a morning snack, a full lunch and an afternoon snack. I eat a lot now, on account of that pesky little human growing inside me. Pretty amazing for a drugstore product!
Thanks Maybelline for another drugstore gem accessible to anyone, no matter how much is in your wallet. I told you all before I had a lot of new Maybelling stuff this month, so here’s review number 2 in a longer line. I’ll break it up a bit as the weeks go on, but I’m pretty happy with some of the new spring products Maybelline is debuting this month so I’d really like to share them with my favorite internet ladies.
This morning I applied Maybelline’s Super Stay 14 Lipstick! No, it’s not really a 14 hour lipstick, but honestly, with the amount of food going in my body right now and how much I talk at my job, getting from 8 am to about 3 pm is pretty good. And it would have been longer if I hadn’t had to wipe my mouth. I dabbed it earlier after breakfast which usually preserves lip color, but this afternoon it didn’t occur to me that my color might still be on 7 hours later so I just wiped away.
I was wearing Beige for Good, which is a really great neutral for someone like me, with yellow based skin that’s really pale from the winter. Anything ‘neutral’ that has hints of pink or orange in it looks terrible on me, I need a true neutral that leans toward brown or beige and this really delivered. I have a few glosses to wear over it, and so far have tried a peach, a brown/gold shimmer and a purple and all looked great. The purple was a little daring for me, but the beige shade softened it just enough. I loved the peach over it, but I’m not quite ready for that yet, I need a little more spring color on my skin. This Beige for Good with a peach gloss over will be my summer staple, I know it.
It does go on a little thick at first so I had to make sure I was applying with a light hand. If you are OK with a lipstick, you’ll be fine, but if you are a gloss-only girl, this might be too much for you. It didn’t cake, but I have noticed that my lips are a bit dry at night now. I think sometimes you have to sacrifice a little moisture for longevity, at least in an inexpensive drugstore brand, but that’s why I’m a champion at layering. A moisturizing gloss over the top not only keeps the dryness away, but protects your color and can make it last longer.
A swipe of gloss before my snack might have kept me from wiping it off entirely after I finished my cookie (I mean my really healthy vegetable/fruit snack with extra vitamins and a side of protein for my unborn child).
Unlike my last review of the Color Tattoo product, this has plenty of light, neutral and every day shades. I already have my eye on a more peach-y pink lipstick called Consistently Truffle for summer that would be really fun with a gold shimmer over it.
Another good one for the spring from Maybelline. My only wish is that it was a little more moisturizing, but for less than $10, I can happily mix and match with my moisturizing glosses. I like having some variety anyway!

Meg note-I have this lipstick and Stacy, I too love it! The Super Stay 10 hour Stain is really knocking my socks off! I can’t wait until you review that one!

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