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Mary-Kate and Ashley Lipgloss

Mary-Kate and Ashley Lipgloss

I know, I know. I said I get it. Stop scratching your head. O.K. so it’s been more then a few years since I have been a “Tween”.

Also, we usually only do HIGH-END products but there was a bit of buzz about this.
I have a friend that works at DualStar and he said that “All of the ladies in our office LOVE the glosses. They really flip-out over them”!

So, they shipped them over to us. All different colors with 2 different kinds of packaging. A twist off top with a (rather nice) brush and the other package being a squeeze out tube.

I have to ask myself. Do MK and Ashley wear this stuff? EACH one of them is worth $150 MILLION DOLLARS! That buys a lot of high-end shizat.

Also, this is something else I’ve been wondering. How does MK keep landing these Richie Rich Boyfriends? I digress, let us examine.
Boyfriend #1 David Katzenberg, (Jeffrey Katzenberg-founder of DreamWorks son-dad is worth $859 million-bet he gives great allowance).Boyfriend #2 Stavros Niarchos (Shipping Heir $2.7 BILLION). Current, Boyfriend Max Snow (Oil Heir $900 Million).

Do you think she dates these guys so that she can feel safe in knowing they are not after her money? I don’t know how she keeps finding these guys. She’s cute and all. I think she is. Whenever I see a picture of her I can’t tell between the big glasses, hat, hair in the face. Those girls are the size of a minute, I’ll give them that.

I think someone should tell MK that she could double her fortune if she started some kind of learning annex school of speeches around the country. Just a quick lecture on how to nab an heir of some sort. We don’t even have to have 8 figures. Seven is fine.
She could be the Tony Robbins of successful fortune hunting!! I’m calling DualStar right now!

Ladies please post if wearing Mary-Kate and Ashley’s lip glosses made you feel as if you should call Paris Latsis.

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Mary Kate & Ashley Lip Gloss

O.K.-Now this is sort of related, has nothing to do with the gloss but it still cracks me up.

I was going to this tony afternoon party in a very expensive condo complex, really fancy dance and I brought a pie with me. With the music going on in the condo I was suppose to be in for the shindig, the guest couldn’t hear I was buzzing her from outside.

So I am literally locked out, it’s around 2pm I have a flipping pie in my hand. I was just about to go home and give up when this old couple in matching his and her jogging suits got to the front door. “Perfect”, I thought to myself I’ll just walk in with them.
The old couple opens the front door and I go to walk in with them. The old lady tries to shut the door on me. The old man gives her a dirty look and helps me in (I’m still carrying a large pie, people).

The old woman wants to know who I’m there to see, why they wont let me in etc. etc. Like I was going to rob someone and I brought a pie to leave behind?

After passing her inspection she agrees to let me into the elavator with her and her husband. The old man looks at me and, seriously, he says this “I’m sorry if you think we were being rude. We weren’t trying to be, you have to understand it’s a security issue. We’re Bob Saget’s parents”.

I nodded that I completely understood and have been laughing about that incident for years. Thought I’d share.

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