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marcMeg here filling in for Gigi who is having a lot of pain right now and I want her to know she is in our prayers and hope she feels better very soon!
I was a little bit in a panic about doing todays DD. I haven’t been totally crazy for a Drugstore product that recently. I was thinking “Gosh, what can I write about.. Hmmm”

Dragonfly1 or, as I call her, Lydia, my wonderful roomie said to me “Meg, what are you talking about? You’re totally obsessed with those Mark lipsticks in the party goodybag.”

I still looked at Lydia, she really has to want to strangle me sometimes.

“Meg! THEY’RE $6 BUCKS!”

Then it hit me! “I know, Lydia, I have the best idea! I’ll totally do those mark lip moisturlicious lipsticks, as a drugstore deal. I’m so glad I thought of that!” Right around that time Lydia went in her room, to watch TV..ALONE! Kiss

Maybe I didn’t properly give her the credit she deserved. I’m not going to make that mistake twice in one night! mark, I am giving you some major credit!

First of all, the lipstick packaging is small, notice I said lipstick packaging. When you turn the package all the way up you see the amount of actual lipstick is the same amount in a regular sized tube. So small packaging=easy for my small Chanel quilted evening clutch.
The colors are really great for spring heading into warmer months. They’re really natural looking hues and they offer a hint of color. It’s sort of like a gloss in that way. You can definitely see the color but it’s subtle.
Anyone of these babies would look delicious paired with a smoky eye!

The texture? Yup, it definitely is “moisturlicious”. Dew drenched is a perfect term to describe how lush and healthy these feel on your kisser.
The price? Well, since we’re all going to be eating government cheese anyway, you might as well eat it with a fabulous smoocher. At $6 a pop you can buy 3 different shades and still not spend what you would on one pricey department store brand.

I’m hoping our writers bags will soon come in the mail because they have this as part of their stash to review.

mark’s entire site is really fun to look at and as the Jr.’s section of Avon has some really hip products. Honestly, sometimes I got the most compliments on things I’ve bought at Jr.’s stores 

“Forever 21?!? What..Umm..It’s Armani. Oh, the price tag I forgot to remove says Forever 21..Oh”

mark seems to be on the right patch with really high quality products at low prices.

I can’t wait to hear what you think of them! Please let us know what you color you have!

Sometimes I really just have the most genius ideas…

Who else is loving mark, anyone else tried these quality dew drenches?

 Buy It Here!

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