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Madge Cosmetics Elements Lip-Locked Gloss

Madge Cosmetics Elements Lip-Locked Gloss

How does one Meg find another Meg? Well, it helps if the first Meg is obsessed with herself. The first Meg being me. Let me explain. I went to google and typed in “Meg’s Makeup” hoping our humble review site would show up. Now I know all the kids are on Myspace today, flashing their midsections and linking up to 4,ooo friends they’ve never met but I just don’t get that. I digress. Anyway back to google. The only Meg Make-up that came-up was a Meg on MySpace. She’s 27, lives in West Hollywood and has a make-up company called MADGE COSMETICS. I’m Meg, I live in West Hollywood, I’m 27-ish. I went to Madge Cosmetics and saw all of the cute make-up this whiz created herself as a make-up artist turned entrepeneur. I had to find out more. Does she also have 3 dogs? Is her husband 6’7? Does she chain smoke and drink like its going out of style? Would she be so great as to hand over her products for us to test? Finally a meeting took place. A meeting where Meg brought boxes of products. This was turning out better then expected. She and her co-worker Karen were adorable, smart and fun. We are going to start by reviewing Meg’s lip-locked glosses in the colors sassy pink, drama queen and party pout. All with a crisp mint flavor. Ladies please post the color (s) you received and if these glosses made your lips sassy, dramatic and ready to party. Who knows? Maybe there’s something to this MySpace after all…

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