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lorealcolorricheStacy B here! As women, we have a tendency to be jealous and wary of other women. Some say it’s a double standard in the way we have been raised, always the lesser gender and therefore in competition with each other, some say it’s from media pressure to always look perfect and some even say it’s because we’ve been told we can have it all and if we don’t, we hate that girl that does.
No matter what the reason, it’s stupid. We should try hard to keep jealousy at bay and not only celebrate our best features, but appreciate the positives in others. We all have good things in us and we should be happy with that. I know I’ve said this before but this site is really great for positive feedback and I see a lot of support for each other, even in our differences. On a slight side note, thanks to everyone who’s said such nice things to me in the last few weeks when I went through the whole car accident, bad cop, traveling husband, sick toddler and general pregnancy woes. It definitely made me feel better!
Now, after all my sunshine and rainbows I have to tell you…I’m jealous of women who can pull of red lipstick. It’s so glamorous and beautiful and pulled together and is an instant confidence boost. I just can’t do it and I’ve tried so many times. Something about my skin tone just doesn’t mesh with red. But good for you if you can! I won’t be negative about it, I’ll just admire you from afar.
I tried L’Oreal Color Riche Le Gloss in Red Ravishing and was crushed to realize that it was just another great product in a color that made me feel like I will never be a screen siren sex goddess with a perfect red pout.
The good news is that I will not be mad if you take this product and stop traffic, I’ll just focus on something I like about myself, like my blue eyes, or my clear skin.Kiss
It’s a good gloss, very low on the sticky scale, tinted enough to give you some color without looking too thick or matte, and smells great but isn’t overly flavored. It hasn’t been too drying as of yet and I don’t need to reapply that often. It offers some nice shine and would be great as a standalone or a layering product (which I love!)  Lucky for me, there are about 15 different colors and I am determined to find one for me. Especially for only about $8.

What drugstore brands are your go-to’s?

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