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loracGoddess Granny have you nothing better to do than obsess about makeup?

Seriously, I couldn’t write this review fast enough and yes, I do have a
very full and interesting life, Kiss! It’s just that when something
makes me shiver in delight to my very core (and trust me,it takes more
than it used to!) I have to share it with my sister Megettes asap! I
NEVER want it to be said that Meg’s didn’t give you everything you
need to be your MOST fabulous, we’ve got your backs and every other
beautiful inch of you covered!

“It’s sold out until Thursday…” “It’s sold out,we can call you when
we get more in…”
I HATE hearing those words in regards to something
I want as like many of us, I want it all, now thank you very much. I
actually created a stir and had a bevy of beauties surround me at my
local Sephora yesterday because I was just SO excited about a new
product.I know there are SO many to choose from these days that it’s
even hard for a seasoned glam-girl like myself to zero in and focus
well enough to sort through all the stuff but one thing I DO know is
when something is unique to the market that will absolutely be branded
as the “best of” by every beauty-editor out there within weeks.

This is the case with Lorac’s brand-spankin’ new “Multiplex 3D Lipgloss”.

Here’s what I know: this lipgloss is the latest genius from Carol Shaw
and her amazing brand “Lorac”: we’ve chatted about this company before
here and trust me when I mention again that she is the real-deal in
the world of makeup artists and than few can rival her client list or
talents! She knows exactly how and what will make even the most
renowned beauties “better!” I have never experienced anything that
rivals or is even similar in effect to her new product: this lipgloss
is actually an innovative formula that combines a liquid lipstick with
a gloss AND holographic pigments to make your lips reflect light and
shimmer like nothing I’ve ever seen.It’s silky and long-lasting and

It “visually re-textures” the lips so that they look smooth and plump
and the rich gloss it creates is simply nothing short of
amazing…have I got your attention yet? Surprised Throw in antioxidents to
nourish and protect and take out anything to do with
parabens, sulfates, synthetics and petros and you have a lip product to
be in awe of!

You know those impossibly beautiful and sexy girls in say for example
the “Guess” ads? The ones whose lips seem to just SCREAM “Kiss me
That’s what you get when you apply this gloss with the wonderful
brush applicator that allows you to drench every bit of your pucker
with SUCH a beautiful color and finish that you might just be tempted
to smooch the girl in the mirror! “Multidimensional” doesn’t begin to
describe how yummy your lips will look!

The colors are breathtaking: I have “Vivid”, a total pussycat pink on
order as well as “3D”, a shimmering bronze. I haven’t taken my
“Untamed” off since I got the last tube in the store yesterday,it was
mis-filed on the rack and meant to be mine.The coraly-pink sheen with
gold lights just makes me feel like I’m hot stuff even while I type
this in my faded yoga pants and AC/DC shirt! I slept in
it…there-I said it! The thing about these colors and they are ALL
just so damn pretty, you don’t get just one hue in any of color in this formula. The lip-angels has several shades in each color that reflect light, shimmer with glorious undertones and re-define your lips. You look as if you’ve done one
of those all layered up 1/2 an hour/3 colors plus a liner jobs on your
lips! They look huge and shiny and just BEG to be noticed! If you’re a
blonde, you need “Cliche” for it’s blueish undertones and silver shine
that will elevate your entire look to that of Ice Goddess in an
instant-trust me!

You couldn’t go wrong with any/all of these shades and I highly
suggest that you try and sample while you can. I don’t think they’ll be
around for long when the word gets out. I’m already hearing
whispers and screams of delight from makeup artists everywhere!

If you can, THIS is the product that will elevate your look for Spring
and beyond! I’m thrilled to be able to give this my 5-champagne
(Veuve Clicquot, of course!) rating with total confidence. You’ll
thank Meg’s for sharing this with you asap and I PROMISE you’ll also
be amazed!

My Sephora is sold out until next week: check yours and here’s the link
online to buy…I have seen each them in person and can vouch for all
of the colors being totally unbelievable in their own right! Kudos to
Carol Shaw for yet another stellar product that’s sure to turn heads
AND win awards: we all get to be red-carpet worthy thanks to this!

Who else in absolute Love with this Multiplex 3D Lipgloss?

Buy it Here!

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