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The glossy and glamorous Alison from LOLA COSMETICS sent Megsmakeup some of their lip indulgence lip gloss out to review. It’s a beautiful presentation, the package is such a cool, round tube, I reach for it all the time.

There seems to be a movement away from lipstick. Just an observation, but it seems like whenever I see a woman doing a re-apply she pulls out some sort of tube of lip gloss. I haven’t seen anyone (lately) whip out their lipstick case. Is it me or do you find that lipstick is starting to be the second pick? With all of the “healing” properties glosses seem to have lately it could be attributed to that. On the other end of the spectrum is the here to stay lip plumper. Women seem to either love the instate-tingle or get freaked out and want to stay with their “protect ant gloss”. Which category are you falling into?

You know what freaks me out a little bit? I’m afraid (and this is completely unfounded) that one day we might see some adverse effect to our puckers by tingling them up unnaturally everyday. However, a little future lip complication is not enough to scare me off from trying to get a bigger kisser.

Part of Lola’s speil with their lipgloss is that Lip Indulgence is created with mango, coconut, passion fruit, and papaya butters, with pure flavor straight from the fruit. So I guess they fall into the “healing” category.

Desertdoll is Meg’s resident lip gloss aficionado. She claims to be the expert. This is her line to get us to hand over any lip gloss we get over to her. I just wanted to call her out because for being such a “discriminating ” expert, she pretty much has yet to find a lip gloss she doesn’t love. So yeah, Desertdoll
you can continue to get your glosses-but I’m on to you!

Speaking of Desertdoll, you’re going to be able to get to know her more next week. Believe me, to know her is to love her so you ladies will be very happy!
One of your user requests was to focus on “organic and natural products”. Desertdoll would sell her mother for a crate of new glosses but she is definitely very picky when it comes to her natural products. She knows a bunch about the best ones. Once again you asked and we deliver -Desertdoll telling us the best of the best in organic lines. Look for her debut Tuesday!

Are lip glosses a here to stay, retire your lipstick item? Does Lola make you feel like a showgirl?

Here’s what Lola says about their Lip Indulgence..” Glaze lips with full-coverage color that promotes healing; the scent and feel are delicious, sensuous, and absolutely addicting “.

Ladies, please post if Lola made you feel like a showgirl wanting to dance the Cha-Ca?

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