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I used to be a lipstick girl. Strictly lipstick! To me, gloss was a gross, sticky substance that did nothing but get stuck in my hair and bleed down my face. Then I got bit by the gloss bug! Brightening! Plumping! Shiny! Moisturizing! Breath freshening! Tinting! Flavored! Staining! And I just bought one that attracts men! (I kid you not). I will spend $50 on a rube of this shiny goodness with a clear head!! My glosses make me feel like a fickle, giddy school girl. One week I love one, the next week it’s banished from my purse only to be replaced with another! So, needless to say, my lipsticks have taken a serious back seat to the glosses in my life. We were on a trail separation. We had irreconcilable differences. We were…ESTRANGED!

Upon opening my last package of goodies from Meg’s Makeup to test, I noticed a shiny red tube of lipstick. It was Lipstick Creme from Lola. I opened the tube and a little mirror popped out of the top. Brilliant. I checked the shade, Pout, and saw it was a gorgeous neutral shade. Tears of joy sprung to my eyes! I called my make-up therapist and scheduled and appointment. I am happy to report that Lipstick and I have worked it out. I have come to realize that there is enough room in my make-up bag for gloss and lipstick alike, to reside in perfect harmony!

Here’s what Lola says about their Lipstick Crème:“Treat your lips to the creamy smooth feel of Lola’s full coverage LIP CREME lipsticks. Made with uncommonly deep pigments, our stay-true shades come in matte, shimmers and nearly nude neutrals, and with a mirror right inside the cap touch ups are a snap – anywhere”.

And on a side note, I tried it as a cream blush and it was gorgeous!

Ladies Please post your reviews for Lola Lipstick Creme!

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