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The good cheer duo that is Kelly and Michelle from Liptini sent Meg’s Makeup out a lone mixer in Banana Flip I was tre’s confused. Hmm, was this a lip primer? A lip pencil? What pray tell was this and how to do I use it? I knew Liptini (I LOVE THEIR SITE) was all about the premise of your lips being fine cocktails. Mixers, Toppers, Garnishes-even directions on how the ingredients work together so I knew there was a piece of this bar I just wasn’t getting!

Michelle came to rescue! Mixers are meant to be used with their “STRAIGHT UP COLOR LIPSTICKS”. Think of lipstick as the coffee before you add your Bailey’s (your mixer). The next day, straight up lipstick “Pink Poodle” arrived along with another Mixer “Pink Whip”.

Here’s the dealio, sometimes you get a pink that’s just too cold for your complextion. The Banana Flip Mixer can be used on any lipstick or gloss if you want to experiment and change the hue to make that pink the perfect warmth for your face (replace pink with purple, red, nude-works on any shade). The same idea for the Pink Whip. Want to cool off a hot pink?Chill out a too purple plum? Just work with your Pink Whip and find the most flattering color.

Basically, before you trash the lipstick that looked oh so good in the store, give a mixer a whirl.

To experiment the theory of the mini-bar in a powder room, the ladies threw in Pink Poodle to work with (I loved it as is so I was lucky).

Believe it or not, I was not a drinker until my later, legal years. I would go to high school parties and I couldn’t force that nasty beer down my throat to save my life. I was the designated driver for years! Ugh, keg party. Then I decided to be part of the illegal and wrong underage drinkers! I found a bottle of my parents gin (I still wasn’t a drinker, the bottle lasted my ENTIRE senior high school year) grabbed a bottle of tonic water and a lime and I too could be naughty!! Ofcourse this concoction did not make me seem any cooler to my highschool guy friends. They would look at me, look at my drink, roll their eyes and say “There she goes again, Megan thinks she’s a Doctor’s wife”. Oh well, there’s worse things to be.

At 18 I lived in New York and worked as a fashion model OOh La La! All of my crowd there was atleast 7 years older then me so ofcourse all of our nighty meetings took place at the fashionable bars and lounges. After a terrible gin night (still can’t drink it ) I had to move on. I found the ultimate mixer chick drinks and for the next few years I embarked on my Amaretto and Midori Sour phase. I know, liquid candy-I was young O.K?

In closing, I am no stranger to the mixer, a topper and now, I can finally say a friend to the straight up! Maybe too good a friend, damn, actually it maybe my bff.

Here’s what Liptini says about their Staight Up and Mixers and seriously click around on their site, it’s pretty fun even without goggles. You can actually see the difference on the site how the mixers change the Pink Poodle! GO THERE it’s like being let in the bar as a VIP!!

Ladies, has Liptini’s potables made you forever swear off AA? Cheers!


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