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lippyBetter to be busy than bored, right? How about those times when you get SO busy you don’t take time to do anything BUT be focused and work and notice that your jeans fall when you finally stand up from the computer? Woman CAN live on Sugarfree Redbull and love alone. While a steady diet of this might not have the best long-term implications, Goddess Granny is happy to sustain herself on next to nothing for a good cause or reason! Honestly, it’s too hot to eat here in the South (and in the North too from what I hear?) I’ve about exhausted the supply of mint growing in the yard trying to fake myself into a cooler state of mind chopping it into everything and tossing in the tub. As my energy level is again, assisted by my the silver can of incentive, I’m trying to keep what’s left of my mind. I’m being required to present as prettily as possible for events and projects I’m currently involved in so what IS a glam-girl to do? How to look chic with very few products and without melting?

“Tini Beauty Lounge”:how do I love thee, let me count the ways and combinations!!! BRILLIANT brand,long a favorite here at for their ever so fabulous and unique site that allows our inner-Picasso to come out and play while we create the lip and nail color-combination of our dreams! The Lip Stains are legendary, both Meg and I can’t live with one in our bag and the nail colors are offered in a seemingly endless arrangement of shades, finishes and styles. I swoon every time I start to play on the site! The concept is connected to that of a high-end cocktail lounge but TBL has expanded to include other amazing products as well!

They are NOW “serving” a mind-boggling new collection of “Garden Party” nail colors created by Jane Bryant (and I am prostrate on the floor, low bowing as I write this…) the Emmy® Award winning designer who creates the costumes for a little show called “Mad Men” which is probably THE most influential force in fashion-trending today!

Seriously…I cannot think of another beauty-related site that literally forces me to become a color-infused Zombie who clicks aimlessly for hours visibly drooling over how I’d look in every product they produce! It’s bold and fun and the quality of every product I’ve sampled from TBL is exceptional! It’s intended to BE fun and the cocktail-connected product names will make you giddy with delight and not subject to a fall in your stilettos so go ahead and indulge!

In spite of the HEAT, my lips are soooooo cool right now because I am wearing “Ginger Ale” an absolutely STUNNING shade from the “Lip Plumping Lipstick” Liptini line! The case is fancy and so gorgeous, combing matte and reflective gleaming silver and the “gilded champagne” color takes years off my face as well as creating THOSE lips we all crave without stinging or burning, simply by light-reflecting and pouf-ing your pout to celebrity status with a swipe! One of my all time favorite “neutral” shades, it it most certainly NOT boring but a  glamourous and forever kind of color…

I apply straight from the tube with no liner because it’s bleed-resistant and honestly, I don’t even use a gloss on top of this lippy because it simply doesn’t NEED to be enhanced: it does all the work for me and has great staying power as well!

What is not to like? The Liptini Lip Plumping Lipstick is available is four stunning shades and I have to believe that each is equally as amazing,buy them here and be prepared to hang out for a while!

It just makes the day nicer and easier to navigate when you KNOW you look nice and that your lipstick will NOT let you down even if other things do! I am a believer in the power of a tube of lipstick (Meg swears by red) and armed with a Liptini Plumping Lipstick? You will be un-meltable and un-stoppable regardless of the weather or anything else that turns up the heat on you!

Since 2003,’Tini Beauty Lounge has created innovative products that designer Michelle Toma Olsen intended to allow not only interaction on the part of a visitor to the site but also to provide important trending cues to those of us who LOVE to be in the loop on all things  current and colorful without spending a fortune and enjoying the process! I LOVE to “cocktail” my products and think I have always done this but at the TBL you can mix and match to your heart’s desire confident that YOUR creation will be amazing!

Don’t you also love the idea of creating custom shade for enhancing your own fabulous look? Click around and let us know what combo’s your a fan of. The site is so fun to play on!

Liptini Play Here!

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