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Meg  here! Sometimes I can call ’em! I think it was back in 2006 when I proclaimed Liptini my most favortie lip stains ever! Back then they were a little boutique company right here in LA. The last time I was in NYC I was walking down the street and saw, much to my delight a big display of Liptini right in the drugstores window! It was a big drugstore too, like a Duane Reade or a Walgreens. It’s a nice feeling when I am validated that “yes! that was a pulse my finger was feeling!”


I know I’m not alone in my obsession with these gorgeous colors, amazing staying power and conveniently packaged tubes of greatness. Over the years, I told all of my friends to go pick them up if they wanted a great item whose color you can layer for an even bolder effect. I know I know my stuff but it is great when I “google” the Liptini and see thousands of A+ reviews with lots of women agreeing with me! So you go Liptini! This Momma is so proud!

I recently tried Liptini’s shade “Pink Squirell.” It looks a lot redder in the tube but once it goes on, it’s really a perfectly innocent, youthful and realistic pink. The type of pink lips you’d get if you were 5 years old and playing in the snow. It’s that healthy natural pink that no one seems to ever have naturally. I know. Go figure. I like to layer so I apply it, let it dry and repeat 3x. Sometimes, I’ll add a clear gloss or a complimentary shade in a pink.

I am loving this new shade. Per usual, Liptini does not let me down. If I could only bring 5 lip products off to sea with me Liptini Lip Liqueur and Cheek Stain would definitely make the cut!

If you haven’t tried these stains than run out to get one! You will not be disappointed. You may have been lucky enough to get one of these in your last makeup points submission pack! 

Who got one? What did you think? What lip stain is your holy grail?



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