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Every Saturday Kate2004rock brings you Sephora information like only an insider can! She’s back to school this week with her deb tips!

Trends are such interesting entities. They come and go – though some never seem to leave. I guess that means they’ve become classic? I mean, there are some things that I thought were a “trend” but people still seem to be wearing them. And they’re still about as awful as they ever were. Number one offender? Scrunchies. We all thought they’d gone. But you know people are still wearing them. That somewhat homely girl in the sorority next door; my “too intellectual for fashion” biology professor; even my otherwise totally fashion-acceptable best friend Rachel who just wears them out of laziness. Also, foam platform flip-flops (see Do’s and Don’ts post from June). They’re tacky. They’re cheap. They make your feet look fat. GROSS.

Ok, I digress. This is about makeup! According to the powers that be (the Sephora marketing department), Lipstick is Back!. But really, this confuses me a little bit. I never knew that lipstick left! I can’t think of any cosmetic lines, large or small, that just stopped making lipstick a while back and started again this season. I guess maybe we preferred glossy, shiny, slightly less pigmented lips -definitely in the summer. Ok, so that all doesn’t matter. If lipstick is “back” (I still think it never left)—it’s better than ever!!

Stila has these new Long-wearing Lip Colors. They’re in thin, long tubes that roll-up. I particularly like the fact that they’re rounded. Regular tubed lipstick always looks pretty before you use it – but a well loved tube gets lopsided. Anyhow, these long wearing lip colors go on really creamy – but they don’t sliiiiide right off your mouth with a breath or two. But this color really stays on, in a dramatic way. And the colors are gooooorgeous. I have it in Exquisite (rusted peach). How fitting.

Dior Rouge colors are gorgeous and creamy. They’re not so matte that they look harsh but they’re mostly lighter colors that still pack some punch. I love Diorama #66 which is a natural pink and Pink Suspense #445 for a grown up pout.

And, how can you not love NARS lip color? I mean they have every color under the Milky Way but they’re just awesome. Velvet. Cream. Semi-matte. Frosted. It sounds like a cupcake factory! My favorite colors (they’re my favorites because I’m the one writing it and that’s really all that matters!): Viva Las Vegas (sheer shimmering champagne), Sexual Healing (metallic peachy rose), and the Velvet Matte Pencil (lipstick in a pencil) in Café Con Leche (candied ginger) and Cruella (the perfect red!)

If you want to be clearly decadent (which I always fully endorse) you NEED to go get the limited edition lipstick from Smashbox now called socialite.The lipstick is THE PERFECT NUDE and if you flip up the cap there’s a tiny mirror and a shimmery gold gloss! (See Tashagogo – there’s a mirror for you!)

Ladies, what lipstick are you grabbing for?

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