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The very glam and fabulous Poppy from Lipstick Queen sent Meg’s Makeup some of her ultra-exclusive and jetset lipsticks out to try. Lipstick Queen sells tons of their lipsticks out of the uber posh Barney’s and you know Kate & Posh have more then a few of these dandies in their designer handbags.

I received “Rouge” in Saint. You see Poppy’s got this great sinner/saint category going on. The rouge color in the saint line is airy and light and precious like a saint can be (don’t ask how I ever ended up picking that category). The rouge color in sinner is more like a fun sinner should be, indulgent and darker and luscious! Why did I pick saint again? Basically sinner is more matte then the sheerer saint

Can I wear red lips? Don’t old women wear red lips? Oh wait. I am old. I never felt older in my thirty years then I did Tuesday night at a karaoke bar. Yes, it was karaoke night. I’m not a karaok’ier mostly because I’m tone deaf but still i’m just really not a singer. Not even in the shower. I’m a borderline hummer alone in my car at best.

Feymisszoe invited me to her bar and I was going to have other friends there and she bartends and o.k. I like to drink. I showed up and feymisszoe poured my friend and I tons of wine. Tons. It was great. I reclined in my pals car’s shotgun on the way home and slept (passed out).

The thing is I never really noticed the HUGE gap between say, 24 years old and being 30. These youngsters were belting out karaoke song after song. They were singing “Baby Hit Me One More Time” and “Sexy Back” and songs that were up for this years Grammy’s. I mean the stuff they were crooning was stuff that came out like two years ago. Where was the old Madonna?

After more Pinot and slight prodding I decided I too was a singing sensation. I demanded I perform “Kiss Me Deadly” by Lita Ford. I was twelve, Lita had big hair and bigger boobs and was a glam rocker, I loved her. At twelve I had flat hair, flat boobs and glasses. Everyone loved Lita Ford, right? Umm wrong. 99% of the crowd was in diapers when I was in seventh grade

I belted out “Uhh huh, it ain’t no big thing” to a crowd of people I could have babysat for. I am officially hanging up my mic. However, Magnolia in Pasadena is a very yummy and great place to be. My fried chicken, mac n cheese and fried green tomatoes were tasty delish and the bartender is the best in the world! A true glam Megs Makeup babe!

I wore my Satin Rouge that night and while I felt really old, my lips looked fantastic. Not an old lady red, a young and sheer sexy hint of naughtiness. It’s package was a simple yet elegant gold case. The formula glided on my lips like a silky satin and the performance (the lipstick’s not mine) was top notch!

Here’s what Poppy, The Lipstick Queen says about her lipsticks “ Lipstick Queen is not your average brand…. Everything you see, feel, touch and experience with it comes directly from me to you. I am still not a chemist, make up artist or anything else. I am just like you… I am a customer and as a customer I want something truly special… So that is what I put into every shade, texture and finish. A very special eye and a very committed soul . ”

Ladies please let me know if you’d rather laugh with the sinners then cry with the saints, I probably should just learn my lesson and stop with anything pre 1987.

Ladies please post if you’re a sinner or a saint and what shade you received!

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