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Meg here! Lipstick Queen is always a top choice for fantastic colors that go on smooth, don’t feather and are both full of moisture and staying power. I’ve known Poppy King (the creator) for years and once you know Poppy, you understand how each tube of color is produced with love, determination, affection and the need to make you feel satisfied and beautiful. Here is a photo of Poppy and I from years back when she was launching in Beverly Hills Barney’s. This photo is probably 6 years old!

There are many ways to find your perfect hue. Well, why not the stars, sun and planets to guide it? Lord knows we’ve tried every other way.

Lipstick Queen has always been my favorite Lippy and when they decided to coordinate color with the zodiac? Well, sign me up! I’m a true Cancer, hard outside shell but squishy center. I come off as a tough broad but inside I’m a softie. I take in both stray dogs and people and there has never been a charity case I couldn’t open my heart or wallet for.

I gave searching for a “favorite color” up to my sun sign and let Poppy do her research! Without any ado, I was ordering her “CANCER” Lipstick trio. Marked as “Find Your Lip Color Destiny.”

Every zodiac sign is represented with the items that you need. My collection of Three Lip Colors-SINNER (hot rose) JUNGLE ROSE (popaya coral) & ENDLESS SUMMER (aloha.) Well, these were colors that I never would have picked out for myself. Yet, once on my lips, each one brightened up my face and made me seem healthy and alive. I LOVE each shade. I adore them for not only the color but for the moisturizing glide on and the staying power! After a few cocktails, the intitial color is gone but the lipstick had turned into a stain so I am not bared lips. The colors, shine and durability are potent. I applaud Poppy for coming up with these astrological combos because (on a whim) I decided to give the “stars” a chance and what a lovely, winning combo it turned out to be! I played the dice and was pleasantly pleased! I would have never thought to add these colors to my arsenal and now I reach for one of them almost daily. Poppy does it again!

For under $75, this is a great gift for a beauty and horoscope obsessed friend! She’ll get 3 amazing colors that are Barney’s quality and prestige hand picked for her birthdate! This is a must have because it forces you to try a new set of colors that get you out of your comfort zone!

New year, New you! Live a little!

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What is your go-to lipstick?

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