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Meg here! Last night had me sitting up close at the Custo Bacelona show. The models strutted down the catwalk in their gorgeous frocks but me, being me, was looking at one thing! Their faces!

I mean, these girls are going to be hard to emulate really anywhere else. That’s unless your father was a professional basketball player and your mother a ballerina, see? The odds aren’t really that high. It’s hard to be a 6’2 size zero.

The good news? The beauty was attainable. Not only was it attainable but it is affordable! I saw a lot of fresh, pink and dewey cheeks coming down the runway. The lips were kissable and had a gorgeous shine. How did Cust Barcelona pull off such a glow? Who was the wizard behind the curtain?

Guess who pushed her way back stage demanding “I must meet the makeup genius!?” I’ll give you one guess. Soon I was brought to Gato, while he did not have a magic wand, he did have a Maybelline makeup kit case.  Gato is Maybelline’s principle makeup artist from Spain. Yes, the looks I was drooling over on the runway were done by Maybelline. The same Maybelline that’s in every drugstore in every city in every state. Finally, something everyone can do without needing to sell the farm!

“Women need to create a beautiful face, I always use Maybelline’s Dream Liquid Mousse.” Gato told me. I was very happy to hear this as it’s under $10!

I had to know, what was the gorgeous lip I was seeing? I pressed Gato. I was not walking away without knowing what I was going to have to make a CVS run for. What is the #1 lip color for Spring?

“I was using Color Sensational High Shine in Coral Luster.” Gato then pulled the actual tube out, flashed the 840 tube and declared it “the secret of the makeup!”

“It’s really pigmented but it’s natural like a gloss.” Gato then displayed the tube and swiped the coral sheen!

I was happy I learned the hidden secret! I was happy Gato took the time to tell me! I was really happy “the secret of the makeup” is $7.50!

I’m off to learn more, hopefully I’ll have more insider information off to you that’s under $10! What do you ladies think? Have you tried the new Color Sensational Line?

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