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Greetings to everyone here at! We are bursting at the seams with products to review, so some of us regular contributors are pitching in to bring you as many beauty items as possible! Today, it’s me, Chichi bringing you The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ. Thanks to the fabulous Laura for sending a variety of these fantastic Lip Scrubs for our testers at megsmakeup!

I’m just starting to plan my packing for a week long trip home to Pennsylvania. With all of my necessities for the flight (iPod, gossip magazines, basic make-up, contacts, water bottle, etc.) and all the new travel regulations, it seems to take me longer to pack my carry-on than my checked baggage! I can’t help but obsess over it because the one time that I hurried through it, I had my worst flight ever. It didn’t involve a missed flight, being held on the tarmac for hours or a bumped seat. Nope, my worst experience occurred when I was flying from Philadelphia to Los Angeles. I was running late and as I waited to check my bags, I realized I had some liquid make-up in my carry on bag. I quickly took out my make-up bag and threw it into my suitcase. Then I sprinted to security and reached my gate just as they where announcing the last call for passengers. Whew – I made it. As I settled into my seat, a horrible thought went threw my mind…all of my chapsticks had been inside my make-up bag! I had a six hour flight filled with dry airplane air ahead of me without a single lip balm!

All right, I know, cue the worlds smallest violin for my sad plight. Things could be a lot worse, but my poor chapped and flakey lips where a sad sight when I landed in L.A. I sure could have used the amazing Lip Scrub at the time. It’s basically a sugar scrub for you lips! Hooray – I love body scrubs and using one on my dry, chapped lips should work much better than my old stand-by (a soft toothbrush). Known as the Original Lip Exfolliant, the scrub is adorably packaged in a dark brown box and tied with a white ribbon. Perfect for gift giving! Inside you’ll find a sweet little jar filled with oils and sugar scrubbies that sweep away flakes and leaves you lips incredibly smooth. The jar may seem small, but just a tiny dab of this stuff will work. I’ve been using it about twice a week for the last month and have yet to make a dent in the product, so it should last a long time.

I tested the Almond Crème flavor, which was light and sweet and yes, yummy. How can you not sneak a taste when smearing flavored sugar on your lips? There are five other mouth watering flavors to chose from; Brown Sugar, Cocoa, Peppermint, Vanilla Bean and Cinnamon Sugar. It’s a quick and easy process, which is best described on the box:

Massage a small amount onto lips using a firm circular motion

Wipe away with tissue (I use a soft, damp washcloth)

Wonder how you ever lived without it!

Happily, I will never have to live with flaky lips again! Plus, I noticed a difference in the smoothness of my lips even when I wasn’t suffering from chapped lips. My glosses and liners just glide onto my lips! The Lip Scrub is available in luxury boutiques across American and Canada or you can go to their sleek and simple yet thorough website for more information.

Testers, please let everyone know which flavor you received and if you’re wondering how you’ve ever survived without The Lip Scrub! Feel free to entertain us with you best airport horror story while you’re at it!

THE LIP SCRUB, Buy it Here!

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