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Lip Formulush’s sassy reps sent Megs Makeup some of their lip plumpers to test out. Everyone knows I hate my lips and their skinny and I’ve done everything to make them bigger. Same story, different day.

A few weeks back Meg had the core group of testers over to help me sort and mail out products to our reviewers. My husband hides in the back bedroom once we pop the champagne and start opening the boxes. It is his safe place from the complete product hysteria we get thrown into opening all the packages. We’re like a pack of wild jackals sifting through the different potions. That is if the jackals were also a little drunk and chain smoking.

When we came to the tubes of Lip Formulush, I was drawn between wanting two different colors. I opened the two different tubes and rolled the competing colors on my wrist’s pulse point to see which shade I liked better. That’s when the stinging happened. I actually felt a jolt to my pulse. No joke. I reported my findings to the jackal pack. We were all intrigued. I quickly picked the color I liked best and applied the roll-on tip to my lips. I then felt another little jolt. Not a scary experience. A nice little sensation.

We continued to sort and pack our envelopes. The Lip Formulush claims to build up over time, they say you have to keep using it to see a difference (but they claim a 350% difference).

“OH, MY GOD! Meg look at your lips”! Beebee was staring at me. I looked up from my mailing duty and Desertdoll, Blus Lee Lee & ChiChi were also staring at me-amazed. I ran into my bathroom mirror and couldn’t believe how large my lips were. Then the ultimate test. The back bedroom hide-out of my husband. I ran in and asked him if he noticed (I could dye my hair green and he might notice/might not, I wasn’t expecting a big response). He did notice. His exact words were “What did you do? Did you put some kind of acid stuff on there”?

That was one of the best compliments I could hope for! Blus Lee Lee went to the LipFormulush website. If it’s good enough for Heather Locklear, Shakira and Ali Landry then it should be good enough for us mere mortals. Why haven’t I heard more about this brand?

Maybe it was a freak thing. Maybe the lip fairy decided to throw me a bone. Maybe it was the champagne, the lighting and the champagne.

Here’s what Lipformulush claims...”Lip Formulush contains a lip plumping ingredient called Palmetoiloligopeptide. This is a tri-peptide of amino acids that has been shown to boost the collagen production in your lips by up to 350%.

Lip Formulush plumpers contain over twice the amount of Palmetoiloligopeptide as most other products on the market, which is the amount used in clinical research. This research shows that Lip Formulush tints enhance up to 40%, hydrate 50-60%, reduce fine lines by up to 40%, and collagen synthesis can equate to a whopping 350% increase!

Both the clear formula and the tinted formulas can offer a plumping effect for up to 20 minutes when first used but the product will work longer over time. This is because Lip Formulush has a cumulative effect. After 28-30 days, the plumping effect will last for 2 to 20 hours! So using it before bed and all day will help to perpetuate it’s wonderful effects”.

Ladies please post the color you received and if you too were wow’ed by your Lip Formulush or if we should have liquor-free mailings!

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