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Moms. You can’t live with ’em. Can’t live without ’em. My mom, well, she can be a little controlling. Imagine that. When I was little, I always wanted to help her cook. Stir the dough, lick the spoon, cut things, push the shopping cart. She never would let me! She still won’t let me push the shopping cart. So eventually I stopped asking to help in the Kitchen. Of course now, If I sit there on a barstool while she’s cooking she gets mad that I’m just sitting there and not helping. Sheesh! Maybe if Santa Claus could have agreed on who was going to buy me an Easy Bake oven instead of neither of them ever getting me one. Ever.

Still, I like to cook. Sometimes, I cook at work. Really! My buds and I at the store like to make up lip gloss recipes! It’s so fun! Really! I mean the store is empty, and we’re still there, and naturally you just start to put on more makeup. 4, 5 lip products at a time and you get these cool one of a kind lip colors! It’s awesome! So I asked around at work and I am giving you girls, Straight from the horse’s glossy mouth, some our our favorite lip gloss recipes! Put them on from left to right! It’s like really fun math class!

Vincent Longo Lip/Cheek Stain in Liquid Kiss + Cargo PlantLove Lipstick in Yakushima + Smashbox Gloss in Candid = sultry but natural (Thanks Ashley!)

Smooth on your favorite clear lip blam + the Orange Shade from NARS’ Mediteranee Shadow Duos + DiorKiss in Sorbet Meringue +008 (You can TOTALLY use eyeshadows as lipcolors! and Lipsticks as eyeshadows—there’s no rules in makeup (said just like Tom Hanks says “There’s no crying in baseball!). (Love ya, Stephanie!)

Staying power: Stainiac by the Balm + Cargo’s PlantLove in Maria + Grape Freeze DiorKiss on top (heck yeah, Shelly!)

NARS Velvet Matte pencil in Cruella + Stila Lip Glaze in Cranberry – for a perfect red lip! (Holla, Dustin!)

Mix Benefit’s the Gloss in Rave Reviews + their new California Kissing for pouty lips and whiter looking teeth!

And here’s a couple of my favorites!

The Balm’s Stainiac + Dior’s Addict Gloss in Jersey Pink 157 – the most gorgeous, kissable, naturally pink lips ever!!

I also LOVE Smashbox’s Caffe Latte liner + NARS’s Foul Play Gloss + DiorKiss in Hazlenut Lychee

and finally Tarte Lipstick in Tease + one or both of the glosses of Tarte’s Elle & Emmett + TooFaced’s Diamond Gloss in Canary for a little bit of pretty in pink and gold sparkle!

Girls – I want to hear your favorite lip product recipes!!!!!

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