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Hey, it’s Chichi with another Green Chi Tuesday. Today, I am waxing rhapsodically about the humble lip balm. Chapstick and lip balms were the first of my make up loves. In high school I was still intimidated by make-up counters and had no application skills. My make-up routine consisted of a quick sweep of blush and a coat of mascara. But chap sticks were different. There was nothing scary about chapstick. They were simple, they smelled good, there was a ton of flavors and they were cheap! A great lip balm was also a necessity during a typical Pennsylvania winter. I was soon obsessed with finding the perfect Chap Stick. I wasn’t alone: I think I spent 50 percent of my high school days, passing around and applying lip balms with my girlfriends.

Today, I still have dozens of chap sticks floating around my house and consider myself a bit of a lip balm junkie. I always have a tube with in reach for frequent use. Happily, this is one product that is very green friendly. Almost every natural or organic line has a few lip balm choices. And they are still easy on your pocket book. Oh, and if you happen to buy a chap stick that you are not in love with, don’t let them go to waste! Here’s a recycling tip. I use my least favorite purchases on my dry cuticles during the winter. Just run the chapstick over your cuticles and fingertips and then rub in: my cuticles soak up the moisture and the balm forms a protective barrier. After a few of these treatments, my dry skin is history.

So, if you are trying to Think Green and looking to stock up on lip balms for the rough winter ahead, here is a list of my current favorites:

RACHEL PERRY LIPLOVERS in MINT TINGLE – the Tried and True – I first discovered this natural line in a small, eccentric beauty supply center in center city Philadelphia. I was drawn to the array of colorful lids and yummy flavors. I have tested every one of these moisturizing balms (they all have SPF 15) and my fave is the Mint Tingle. It’s fresh, slightly sweet with just a hint of tingle. These balms are nice and glossy so they are great for layering over lipstick or liner.

CHICKEN POOP – A megsmakeup favorite – We first discovered this balm way back at the launch of megsmakeup. At first, everyone was a little hesitant due to its unusual name, but the soothing sweet orange and lavender balm won everyone over. We had jars of these babies as the centerpiece of the tables at the megsmakeup launch party and they were emptied within the first hour. My boss grabbed a bunch, which were quickly confiscated by his teen-age daughter. She said Chicken Poop was all the rage at her school (Malibu High) and every girl had one in her purse. Get them while they are still under the radar – if the stylish teens of Malibu are all over it, it’s only a matter of time until Chicken Poop is all the rage and impossible to find!

PHARMACOPIA HERBAL LIP EXIIR – my newest discovery -This vegan, 100% natural lip balm is one of my new finds. The scent is a heavenly mix of citrus and herbs. The number one ingredient of this balm is Calendula and Organic Comfrey, which explains why this one is so soothing on chapped lips. Calendula is a miracle item for healing and soothing blemishes on my face, so why wouldn’t it work on your lips as well? Other pluses; the packaging is retro-modern looking and the tube is a bit larger than your normal sized chapstick.

ALBA BOTANICALS LIP BALMS – the bff choice -I can be a bit of a germaphobe, but I have no problem sharing lip balms with my girlfriends. I always seem to go for minty scented tubes, while desertdoll reaches for the fruit flavors. These great tasting, vegan chapsticks are always handed to me by doll while I am scrounging in my bag for a chapstick. She highly recommends the Hawaiian Coconut Cream and Pineapple Quench.

BURTS BEES BEESWAX LIP BALM – My Undisputed Champion -If you’ve checked out my profile, you will see this is my number one, can’t live without product. It is the perfect blend of a soothing balm with a little mint tingle that keeps chapped lips at bay. I buy these by the handful and stash them anywhere I might be when a chapstick urge will strike. These natural balms are well-priced and the yellow tube always stands out in a cluttered bag.

So, did your favorite green balm make the list? I know there are plenty of lip balm addicts out there – I would love to hear from you all!

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