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kissshineSweetassgal here today SO excited to get to tell you about an organic option of lip gloss that is both affordable and absolutely delectable to apply.  I typically tend to gravitate towards lipsticks because I need full coverage for my tiny little lips to even show up but sometimes I just don’t feel like having full lips on.  This is when I tend to reach for my EOS lip balm to satisfy my need for soft lips with that great little tingle.  With today’s product I get the best of BOTH worlds…and even a few perks I wouldn’t have thought of in a lip gloss.  It should be noted I’m extremely protective of my glosses, with good reason.

When I was in the second grade my mother and I shared a house on a hilltop with a beautiful friend of hers and her three year old son, Cody.  Cody was…precocious…to say the least and me being a full four years older and vastly more mature than him, was often left to care for him while dinner was being made or entertain him while the adults were doing “adult stuff”.  This usually culminated in me nearly puking over changing a diaper or screaming bloody murder because he had once AGAIN decided what was mine was his.  Not untypical in any big sister/little brother type relationship but Cody not only wanted to take my stuff…he wanted to EAT my stuff.  

The one incident that tragically scarred me for the rest of my life you ask?  The notoriously viscous and unprovoked attack on my Bonnie Bell Candy Cane Lip balm pack from Christmas morning.  If you were a little girl in 1981 you most likely received one of these coveted plastic shaped candy canes in your stocking…filled with three flavors of Bonnie’s best.  Mine were Very Cherry, Bubble Gum and Root Beer flavored.  Armed with this type of beauty weaponry I was sure to catch the boy of my dreams at school and so I carefully tucked my treasure far back in my closet and far away from Cody’s prying hands so as to have it ready for my triumphant return after the New Year.  Alas…it was not to be.

Somehow Cody, using his super baby sniffing powers…managed to ferret out my treasure and proceeded to apply and eat EVERY tube in the pack.  I found him lying on the floor, lips caked with layers of pink and brown wax all over his mouth and face, with his hand down his diaper’s backside.  Apparently this stuff works like the Turbo Lux laxative from Dumb and Dumber because before I knew it was poopie pants city baby.  Once again…a run in with Cody meant my stuff was ingested and I was gagging trying to clean up his baby mess.  Score = Cody 3 tubes of lip balm…little Sweetassgal ZILCH.

Hence my obsession for protecting my lip balms, especially one’s I really like that have a great scent or flavor like Kiss My Face’s Sheer Organic Shine natural mineral color.  This generous sized lip offering is incredible because it’s got great sheer and luminous color like a lip gloss, it moisturizes like a lip balm, and it tingles like my other fave lip products.  That, and it’s 91% organic to boot, so if some little lip balm eating heathen tries to eat it like a popsicle (and I HIGHLY suggest this never happen just to be safe) then chances are you won’t end up with a clothes pin on your nose and cursing the scientists that made Root Beer flavored wax possible.    

I liked this gloss right off the bat just because of its versatility.  It has shea butter, cocoa butter and jojoba oil to soften the lips and chocolate and peppermint oil for that just right tingle that tastes subtle but still lets you know its working.  I received the gorgeously deep and yet versatile Amethyst mineral shine and I just love it.  Worn alone, it’s dark enough to actually show up as a soft color tint to highlighting your lips.  This is perfect for those “I just need gloss” days.  When I want a bit more color I use a deep shade lip liner first and then fill in with this wonderfully light reflecting little balm.  For ultra FAB I use it over a full coverage lipstick to add depth and that sexy little center lip shine that makes even my tiny little lips appear fuller.  Any way you apply it…it’s a workable color and gloss that anyone can use day or night.  For a mere $5 I’d get one in all six complimentary shades of Amethyst, Opal, Pearl, Garnet, Ruby and Topaz.

My only note about the gloss (and typical to most organic products that don’t use a lot of chemicals) it may separate just a bit when sitting around and the first time you use it I’d roll the tube around in your fingers a bit to mix and then squirt the first teeny-tiny bit out onto a tissue as there will be a little sediment in the tip.  It was only the first time I used it and now it’s gorgeous every time it comes out but I did want to warn you so you don’t think you’ve received a bad gloss.  Like I said…this happens all the time with natural and organic products and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.  Just mix and use!

Kiss My Face is an incredible company with a wide variety of products that are never tested on animals, do not use animal products, have no artificial colors or unnecessary chemicals and they just try to keep it affordable and fun!  From body and hair care, to beauty, oral care and kids products…they’ve got a product for you.  In fact I’d dare to say they could keep me in reviews for weeks and I’d be happier than a toddler in the tub, using my brand new shave cream to draw on the walls and drive their big sister right to the Looney Bin!  Cody, wherever you are, you can make it up to me by gifting me Pearls, Rubies and Garnets.  Kiss My Face’s version that is!  GLAM ON!!!

Who else is smooching over their Kiss My Face Shimmer And Shine Lipbalm?

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