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kissmyface1Hello Meg’s world…I’m doing a special “it’s not Mother’s Day but God bless Mother’s anyway” post today.  Sweetassgal just spent three days with three mom’s and six very energetic children all age 5 and under and all I can say is MOTHER’S ROCK!  These women have to be on it 24 hours a day and it never stops.  Feeding, diapers, chasing them around, playing referee and safety police, hugging, holding, rocking, caring, loving, sometimes disciplining and always with the eagle eye on their chicks.  It’s incredible, exhausting and completely admirable.  My kids are young adults now and it’s so easy to forget what the young years can be like until you experience it again.  So ladies of Meg’s…if you have a mom, know a mom or maybe lost a mom (my sincere sympathy if you have) then I urge you to send some love and appreciation their way.  Sometimes a mom just needs to hear a little “thank you” when it’s unexpected and it will mean the world to her.  Anyone can buy a card on Mother’s Day, but its extra special when Mommies’ get a little love out of the blue!  To my Mom and the Mom’s in my life…I love and appreciate everything you do every day to raise these wonderful little people and keep going with a smile on your face and so much love in your heart.
Now to makeup!  Kiss My Face is a brand we’ve seen a lot around Meg’s and for good reason.  It’s a super affordable line that has product that is 91% organic, 100% natural and 110% lovely.  I’m referring to their Sheer Organic Shine Natural Mineral Color lip gloss and this time in Opal (previously reviewed in Amethyst).  The Opal is a perfect shade of slightly silvery shimmer with a hint of rose colored pink.  I have to say I think it could work on just about ANY complexion and look just beautiful.  The mineral color in these glosses really puts the fine in the shine!  Worn alone or over lipstick for a little extra oomph the gloss really helps seal in moisture and helps protect your lips.  With vitamins A & E, Organic Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter as well as Jojoba Oil all combined to help repair, protect and moisturize your lips you are getting a major two-fer.  I tend to layer my lips.  First with a balm, then a lipstick, then a gloss in the center to make my lips look fuller.  This multi-functioning lip shine can easily work as an all in one and that’s why I’ve got one in my desk at work and one in my purse for quick application.  I don’t always have time to reapply the whole three stop lip process and this always works in a pinch.
My most favorite thing about this (aside from being paraben, SLS, phthalates and animal testing free) is the fact that it’s flavored with a mild minty vanilla taste that is derived from natural oils and not synthetics.  Mint is ALWAYS a top hit with me because not only do I love the refreshing taste and scent, but I love the tingle as well.  There is something about a gentle tingle on your lips that reminds you they are there even when you take them for granted.  My recommendation…dab on a little sparkle and shine from Kiss My Face, then pucker, pout, flirt and USE THOSE LIPS LADIES!  This isn’t a sticky formula so no one will mind too much if you pucker up for a smooch.  Whether we are a little girl playing in mom’s makeup or a mom looking for a one stop shopping gloss to throw on and go…everyone loves a good, affordable and natural gloss!  I’ve seen these for $3.49 online and in stores and at that price you can buy plenty for yourself and gift some to the Mom or Mom’s in your life!  She’ll appreciate the gesture and I guarantee she’ll love the gloss!  Kiss My Face and GLAM

What is your go-to lippy?

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