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kaplanmd Meg here! Thanks so much for Caroline Roman introducing Megsmakeup to the kaplanMD line! She reviewed kaplanMD Perfecting Serum a while back and spoke about all of the compliments she was getting on her skin.

 Caroline is a born and bred Beverly Hills girl and is very familiar with all the fabulous that goes on in her town. She called me up and invited to me to the Neiman Marcus luncheon with Dr. Stuart Kaplan.

I love to play a little “ladies who lunch!” I was sure to meet her and Dr. Kaplan later that week.

I’m going to share some tips with you that come straight from the Dr. and you’re not going to like them…LADIES-Stop with the lip plumpers! You know this advice is coming from Miss No Top Lip so it hurts me to tell you this more then it hurts you to hear!

Your lip plumper works because it’s causing irritation that causes your lips to swell. Basically, every time you plump with a liquid you’re causing a little allergic reaction. You know what else you’re causing? Wrinkles!

I guess it makes perfect sense. Filling and deflating is like when you gain weight and then lose it and then gain it and then lose it-Hi! Meet me! My name is stretch marks. Applying plumper over and over is like sending a daily invitation for wrinkles to come live around your lips.

Ready for some more harmful stuff your doing? You guys are going to freak out with this one but here comes the doozey…You know how slathering yourself with baby oil would help you glisten and really soak in those UV’s for a deep tan? You know that’s bad. Now we know it’s really bad. You see the raisins running around tan that lived on the aluminon foil back in the day. Guess what you’re doing to your lips everytime you put on your shiny, sun-soaking up gloss? Yup, you’re doing some major sun damage=aging to your lips!

Who knew?

I sure as heck didn’t make this corralation but the lightbulb went off as Dr. Kaplan was showing photo’s and explaining this major mistake.

Seeing all of our naughty behavior for the vanity of supple, shiny lips led Dr. Kaplan to create his own line of Lip 20 Treatments. “The first complete anti-aging lip treatment that moisturizes, repairs, adds natural fullness and protects with SPF 20 – all in one!”

We can now be safe and beautiful! What a concept!

This is a real grown-up (not cheap) lip treatment. The package screams luxury. I’m sure the reason Neiman Marcus is the only department store to carry this line is because it is exactly tailored for a Neiman Marcus shopper! The case is a twist up silver tube, don’t worry about losing the cap. The cap disappears inside of the tube as you twist the lip treatment up.

There is an array of colors to chose from and your smoocher is going to thank you everytime you glide this baby on. It is instantly healing and moisturizes the second it comes onto contact. It’s very fancy schmancey and you’ll be the envy of all pulling it out to apply.

It will last you quite a while, I can’t say it’s a total deal unless you look at the long run. $30 may seem like a fortune for a lip balm until you start comparing it to the $500 shots you’re going to need in your lip wrinkles 5 years from now. Think about it that way and you’re getting off pretty easy!

These are really revolutionary on a whole bunch of levels. Use it over your favorite lipstick and you’ll get the moisture and the protection.

Ladies, please let us know what you think of kaplanMD Lip 20 Treatments and what color you’re sporting!


UPDATE! It’s a great item! Neiman Marcus has SOLD OUT! You can now buy the lip treatment on I have updated the BUY IT HERE!

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