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Meg here to let you know about both a great item and a great bargain! K2 Endurance Suncare Lip Balm SPF 30 Flixstick! I went to a bbq (Happy Birthday America!) and passed these babies out to all of the pool party guests! Everyone was poolside, the sun was so strong and I thought this would be some easy market research. I was right, the K2 was a huge hit. Ladies and gents were quick to apply and agree with me, this is a fab item at a steal of a price.

K2 was created for extreme athletes, it has SPF 30 to protect against the elements and infused with aloe to keep the lippy’s soft. They had envisioned high altitude, tough sportsmen pushing themselves to their limits so they designed a cap-free balm that you just turn and the balm comes right up!

I don’t know what they envisioned but at one point a Slip n’ Slide came out (no, there weren’t any children at this party..Why?) So we had the extreme sport part covered. I was not disoriented from the high high altitude but I did have a few cocktails so there was a good chance a cap could have been lost.

Anyhow, for lip balm fanatics this has a nice citrusy smell. It doesn’t get sticky, it kept my pucker moist and plump during a day of the harmful rays and the price can’t be beat! It also is packaged sleek so your guy wont feel girly man if he wants to borrow.

I may not ski or run marathons but walking in three inch heels in a Beverly Hills backyard while the sun is scorching, and I am searching for my lost shaker of salt is definitely athletic.

Here’s what K2 says SPF 30 -Supersized, one-handed sport stick – Easy twist to open, No cap to lose
Moisturizers combat dry skin caused by exposure to sun, wind, or low-humidity mountain air
Antioxidants remove free radicals to prevent skin damage
Broad Spectrum UVA + UVB Protection

Love this stuff! You need it if you’re going poolside, seaside or skiing! (Or summer day cocktailing~like that’s not a sport!)

K2 Buy It Here!

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