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lip lush
here ready to entice you with Body Beautiful feedback on Julie Hewett Lip Lush! As the TV show song featuring the The Hudson Brothers theme song used to say…“It’s the Razzle Dazzle Wrap Up of Everything, Including the Kitchen Sink!” That’s a perfect description about what the one and only Body Beautiful Jeanasina gets to write about! Absolutely EVERYTHING and today we are going to talk about lips! All of you who have lips stand up and cheer right now because you will find today’s topic interesting as hell!

As you all know, I just came back from a mind blowing PINK-A-THON, out of this world event with Meg and some of the hottest Megettes to walk the planet! We are all diverse but one thing we all had in common was the desire and fulfillment of having luscious lips! I’m telling you honey…The lips on my fellow Megettes were just begging to be kissed and envied!

I received a lot of great makeup tricks and tips during my 4 day spa event but some of my best lip advice came from the smokin’ hot Goddess Granny! Ladies – this woman knows how to rock out lips! I found myself gazing with rapture at her mouth constantly, because she has the wow factor big time in the lip department. She has the killer lips women strive for! She showed me, the reining “Miss Barely There Lips” winner every year since 1948, how to use gloss on my lips so you can actually SEE them!

Speaking of glossing your lips, Meg sent me some silky smooth lip lush hi-shine lip finish by julie hewett to try out! It’s 9:00 in the morning and my lips are completely luscious as I write! I feel like a woman who could walk through a group of men right now, knowing all of them would be turning their head as I walk through with my succulent moist looking lips! I’m thinking this lip lush hi-shine lip finish has some kind of irresistibility factor in it. I find myself looking in the mirror repeatedly- thinking that everybody is going to be asking me what I use on my lips! Ok, so the words “lip LUSH” is pretty much right on! Lush would be the key word here in describing what happens to your lips when you glide this on with the sponge applicator!

There is no fragrance good or bad with this product and I like that. The color I got “chloe” is kind of a peachy/orangey color and I really like how it looks next to my skin and blond hair. I also tried it over my lipsticks and I liked what it did for all my colors!

Julie Hewett is located in Los Angeles and you can order from their website directly. The lip lush I received says “A tangerine dream of a gloss for your summer beauty bliss! Wear alone or sweep on top of Belle Noir lipstick. This new lip lush formulation contains essence of organic ginger.”

I’ve mentioned many times that I have some skinny-ass lips (think of the mouth usually seen on a stick figure drawing) but TODAY.….my mouth is sizzlingly appealing! Right now, with my Julie Hewett lip lush smoldering on my lips I feel like I could get up and act out the video to the words “Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me!”  I LOVE THIS  PRODUCT! Kiss

My Harleyman husband is sleeping right now because he works the night shift but I SO want to go towards the bedroom right now and rip open the door and flip on the light and say…”Hey Baby!!!….You want a piece of me?Surprised This is some potent, uplifting, good mood, tantalizing lip accentuation gloss that you definitely want to buy! I love how it makes my lips feel as well as my overall sex appeal! I am the poster child for Julie Hewett Lip Lush this morning – I have my headphones on, I’m listening to the hottest dance tape ever made (we all received a Goddess Granny mix) my lips are absolutely FABULOUS and it’s not even 10:00 in the morning! 

All of you Julie Hewett lip lush lovers get up and dance with me! How did Julie Hewitt Lip Lush make you feel?

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