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noirJasmineSimone here! When I was a little girl I used to love watching my mom put on her makeup. I would sit under her arm, arms around her waist, as she rummaged through her massive selection of powders and colors getting glamorous for whatever event she had planned for the evening. There were blushes in every shade of red, vibrant eyeshadows, and flamboyant lipsticks. And speaking of flamboyant- there was one lip color that my mom wore more often than the others. A magenta-red from the brand Fashion Fair (you all remember them? Anyone still use their products? I wonder what they have going on these days… hmm… an idea for an upcoming feature?) 😉 I love my mom to death but I gotta say this lipstick was one  of the most ill-suited pieces of makeup that she owned. It was more hot-pink than red that bordered on garish. And when it feathered- whoa! – the effect was even more off-putting to me (no-offense mom… love you!) It was her favorite. My whole life, I always thought that finding a great red was a difficult feat for people of color, especially in the heavy matte of most lipsticks  – I feel they are usually over the top for my style. I was a self-proclaimed lipgloss girl until 2008, and didn’t even consider reds until earlier this year.

Ladies, I have found it! Oona Noir from Julie Hewett is a winner! Her fabulous lip products are my new obsession. Based in Los Angeles, the Julie Hewett brand prides itself on producing make-up that is beautiful but still organic and healthy for your skin. (You go girl!) Oona Noir is one of the most amazing reds – nay most amazing lipsticks, I have ever tried. Not only is it organic made with the oils and emollients, but it goes on like butter, so smooth and moisturizing with no fragrance or bad taste (unlike almost every other lipstick I have tried.) It has a deep, yet subtle pigment – allowing me to control how strong I want the color to be on me. Two to three applications for a nice day look. Four+ layers to create a dramatic, siren look for a night on the town. Either way, with an impressive and utterly delectable ingredient list of camellia oil base (said to be closest to human skin oil), lanolin oil, beeswax, grape seed oil, vitamin E and pure essential oils (i.e. orange, rosebud, etc.) for fragrance, you can’t lose. Other lipsticks I have attempted to love in the past turned out to just be a disappointment. I have always avoided them when I could – I hated the feathering and chapped look by the end of the night but if I put chap stick underneath to combat the effect, the color never lasted longer than 20 minutes. Thank the heavens for Julie Hewett. Because of how moisturizing it is, no protective balm layer is needed, just “Julie layers” which ensures that your color will be vibrant yet still long lasting.

After it’s all said and done I realize that in actuality, red is my power color. My brown skin has markedly red undertones, which this lip color really picks up and enhances. And while I have found that this color looks great on me, it is balanced enough that I think it would be great for various skin tones although with markedly different effects depending on the underlying skin pigments of course. Either way, I definitely recommend this brand and especially this color to my ethnic beauties – if you think your color/tone resembles mine and you?re looking for a red that you will look fabulous in by the light of the sun or the moon you have to give it a try. Yet Oona Noir is so subtle, I think all my olive to brown skin girls can tailor it to their liking. And if not, she even has a section? Which red are you?? on her website at that goes through the different reds she has to offer and what type of fabulous female would like them most. Believe me – your lips will thank you. I can’t wait to try her other products.

Have you ladies found a lipstick brand that you absolutely love and cannot live without? Please share with your sistas! 🙂

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