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juice beauty reflecting lip gloss

Meg here! It has been said that women eat 7 POUNDS of lipstick in their lifetimes. As with all things, I tend to binge so I can safely assume I’ve eaten 30 pounds of lipstick thus far in life.

If you’re going to be snacking on your lip products then I guess Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss  would be your kale. I mean, they sell Juice Beauty at Whole Foods so you know it’s organic. I’m not suggesting that the next time your tummy growls you try to suck this gloss down, I’m just pointing out that if you do indeed ingest it, it’s not going to hurt you.

I try to pare down my summer looks. Today was a sweltering 100 degrees in Hollywood. I’m looking for lightness and not a lot of goop to melt on my face. That said, I’m a busy lady with an active social life and I’m not going to run around town unkept. You know the second you do that you end up running into an exboyfriend or TMZ. Side note, I go out all the time and have never been on TMZ. I really need to up my game.

So many lipglosses are sticky and your hair gets all caught up in them and are filled with petroleum. The petroleum will end up drying your lips out. Not good.

Thankfully, our friends at Juice Beauty know how to make amazing products and keep the bad stuff out. The perfect summer day lip is here! Introducing Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss!


Karen and Julie are really, really healthy. They love to eat well and exercise and they’re really nice. They’re not at all annoying if you want to have 3 double vodka tonics and smoke a pack of Marlboro’s. They just love when I do that! (Side note, they threaten me and suggest I seek counseling but other than that, they’re super chill.)

Since being well and active and you know that whole “staying alive” bit is important to them, it makes sense that they’re going to come up with not only a great gloss but a healthy one. (whenever I point out that the “cool kids” are always the first ones to leave the party it kind of falls on deaf ears with those two.) Anyhow, Since they want to stay in this “life party” a long time they’ve gotten down pat how to do it and look beautiful all the while.

This gloss is a “combination of anti-oxident rich berries, minerals and sweet agave that will wrap your lips in brilliant color.” People claim it smells good. My sniffer isn’t the best so I have no idea but I know it tastes delish and lasts a long time. It also makes my lips a gorgeous sheen.

So win one (or like a million) for you health nuts, this is one gloss to give a try! At $15 I find it to be just as good (if not better) then others for twice the price and twice the chemicals. For once in my life, I can enjoy doing something that’s healthy! Who knows? They keep trying, maybe one of these days Julie and Karen will convert me yet!

I sent out a bunch in your makeup point packages! Please let me know if you love Juice Beauty Reflecting Lip Gloss as much as I do?

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