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Sorry Chica’s, our resident organic and natural expert Chi Chi is a bit tied up today. Today you will be hearing about a natural, beautiful lip plumper by the totally healthy and good for you JUICE BEAUTY from Meg. Please do not roll your eyes that I am here to type about natural beauty with my colored hair, acrylic nails and saline inflated chest. Yes, the irony is not lost on me. I like to think I can wear both hats. You know the one made of hemp and the one with the man made crystals.

Seriously, Juice Beauty always floors me with their products. We went gaga for the Juice Beauty Facial Cleanser and the Apple Peel Moisturizer. Really nuts, we could not believe something so effective was so natural!

Karen from Juice Beauty is so good to us here! I give her products a super thumbs up and this one is no different. First of all, It is yummy and soothing. Like a light citrus orange just took a nourishing bath on my lips! No sticky factor! It also does not sting! This is a lip plumper that you have to use often for the peptides to build up. It’s not drying ala Lip Venom but it also doesn’t produce Lip Venom’s instant bee-stung lips. I’m kind of afraid that instant bee sting lip is going to come back to haunt me. What is exactly in there?

This super moisturizing gloss also got rid of any chappies so points for that as well. Since the color is clear you can apply under any lipstick for a smoother glide or over any lipstick to make a shiny dessert! A natural, fat-free dessert as well!

I love everything I have tried from Juice Beauty and would recommend to everyone I know! Here’s what Juice Beauty says“Achieve your puckering potential with lip plumping amino acids, lip refining cane sugar, certified organic citrus juice and nourishing essential fatty acids for sumptuously soft, plump lips.• lip-plumping amino acids• moisturizing and refining• fills in lines around lips”.

SPECIAL DEAL ALERT! Announcing the launch of Juice Beauty’s Green Apple Body Brilliance Collection. This collection utilizes Juice Beauty’s antioxidant technology which combines alpha lipoic acid, coenzyme Q10, DMAE, peptides, fat soluble Vitamin C, and essential fatty acids for optimum age-defying results. Purchase any of these products through the end of the year and get a FREE Lip Plumper! Just enter code: PLUMP at checkout

Check out our other reviews of amazing line Juice Beauty! Really get introduced! Juice Beauty Cleanser Juice Beauty Green Apple Antioxidant MoisturizerYou’ll be so happy you did! Now, I am off to microwave a frozen pizza. I may follow it up with an apple so everyone chill out.

I can’t be the only one drinking the Kool-Aid, I mean the Juice. I mean the natural, organic Juice Beauty! Any others making this their #1 liquid diet?

Juice Beauty BUY IT HERE!

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