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Meg here! I am totally stepping on Sweetassgal‘s toes here. I hope she’ll forgive me! Jeanasina wrote a piece a while back about how wonderful J.R. Watkins Lemon Cream Lotion was. A lot of you all chimed in that you loved it as well and thought the company was great.

I was excited to see J.R. Watkins at the natural and organic convention. I should have expected to see them, (Watkins) have proudly been committed to using the finest natural ingredients since 1868. Whether it’s our line of 100% pure organic spices or our all-natural hand salves and body oils, we have been blending nature’s finest ingredients with cutting edge science for more than 140 years.
At the show, I introduced myself to the company. They couldn’t have been nicer and they loved Jeanasina’s write-up. Before I left their booth, they handed me a bunch of their lip tint’s. I mailed them out to our reviewer’s and kept one for myself in Berry Charming.

Honestly, I didn’t expect to love this tiny tube so much! First of all, it’s 100% natural-you all know I know I should know better (say that 3x fast) but I’m still a chemical junkie. Secondly, it’s $4.99.

In fairness, the tube is lilliputian in size. I think they should make it bigger. The color looks great on me during the day. It’s really flattering and moisturizing. It also has a peppermint tingle once you apply it and a fresh peppermint scent.

I think it’s cool that they didn’t jump on “The Green” bandwagon. They started it back when we were riding around in covered wagons. So, you know their motivation is pure and they’re just authentically a very socially conscious company. The best part is that I’m really impressed with the products they’re putting out!

Any other J.R. Watkins Lip Tint fans? What product have you tried from them that you’d recommend?

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