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Sweetassgal here wondering how some things come to be a part of our daily lives just because someone had the idea to reach under a chicken, crack open whatever comes out of its butt and fry it up to eat!  Think about this.  At some point in the history of the world someone looked at a bunch of moldy souring milk and thought “hey…I think I’ll eat that!” and the miracle that is cheese was born.  A person decided to throw a little yeast in with fermented grape juice and VOILA…we have wine!Kiss  Yet another decided to pry open an oyster and wear its spherical contents around their neck to introduce the world to the glorious pearl necklace!  Throughout history experiences have been had that not only profoundly enriched our lives but change the way we look for beauty in unusual places.

So where am I going with this?  I have been introduced to a woman and a beauty line that I feel is comparable to the discovery of the pearl…finding exquisite beauty in a quite unexpected package.  Josie Maran has been a name I have seen a lot in the last year, but had not taken the time to investigate as there was always a shower of goodies coming from Meg to pay attention to.  I’ve seen it in magazines, at Sephora and online at the blogs.  Being Green Chi Tuesdays I knew I’d get to it eventually so I simply overlooked it for the time being.  WOW…was I missing out!

I first made acquaintance with Josie Maran via the simplistic packaging and luminous shades of her Lip Plumping glosses in a sheer and sumptuous Optimism.  I AM optimistic…optimistic that everyone will love the soft golden hue’s of this sweet and never sticky gloss.  It wears beautifully and pairs perfectly with just about any base color.  I used a darker stain to set in my lips and then accented the center of my pout with the Josie Maran Optimism and loved the look it gave me.  Super bonus…this stuff is YUMMY.  No, I don’t mean it just smells good…it TASTES good and since its not sticky this means ALL LIPS ON DECK for some hubby smooching without the complaint of “muddy” lips and typical lip gloss taste.

I had to find out more!  Enter our pearl…Josie Maran herself!  Going online to I quickly learned that this woman is serious about the responsibility of her products to our bodies and the earth as well.  She has managed to blend organic ingredients with toxic free, paraben free, cruelty free, petrochemical free (petroleum based chemicals) products that are all recyclable.  Not only that but they WORK!  Many of her products are infused with Argan Oil which work in the place of petrochemicals to give you a more natural and beneficial beauty boost.  She even sells pure Argan Oil as a topical skin serum which she claims to have been her beauty secret for years.  We’ll just see.

So then I clicked to the “About the Brand…Josie’s Portfolio” section of the website and remarked right away...”Boy this model they use is gorgeous.  Like a flirtier Natalie Portman.  Wow…what a knock out.”  Then it occured to me…this IS Josie Maran!  The woman behind the brilliance is a triple threat business, brains and beauty TKO!  She’s a world renowned model, actress and even a kick ass independant mother who oozes sensuality and vitality.  Bring on the Argan Oil.  BUCKETS of it!  Josie is my new hero (after you Meg!).

I am so in love with her philosophies of “Luxury with a Conscience” and use of natural ingredients that I’m purchasing her “Earth Day Essentials Kit” to experience the best of Josie all for just $48.  This kit includes a full size mascara (may solve my search for a green mascara that works), cream blush, plumping gloss, eyeliner and a deluxe sample of Argan Oil.  Sold individually this kit would run you about $98…how’s THAT for a discount!    

Josie Maran Cosmetics embody all I look for in a beauty care line.  Environmental responsibility, contribution to a better world through beauty and a level of sweet unpretentious sophistication that I sometimes feel is sadly lacking in our world today.  I can’t help but feeling that if alive, even Ms. Audrey would approve…and so do I.  GLAM ON!!!

Who else loves Josie Maran cosmetics and her lip glosses

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