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jordanapencilAlmost every person I’ve talked to is “downsizing” (or trying to!) this Holiday season: Goddess Granny can confirm that even THE most privileged of fashionista’s are thinking twice these days about how to have it all for a helluva’ lot less!

I’m personally being more creative when it comes to gifts and I’m combining small items in pretty packaging that will surely get as loud a WOW as items costing much more and I’m doing some “theme” gifts revolving around say a color or something sparkly,with a card and picture attached to let the recipient know exactly why I thought they’d love and or how to wear…it’s non-stress fun and I’m not going over budget!

One of the themes I’m doing is of course, related to beauty/makeup and I’m combining some  goodies for that oh so coveted “smokey eye/nude lip” look that I believe just about everyone wants to wear at one time or another? I don’t think this look is going anywhere anytime soon and pretty much defines “modern classic.” In terms of a style of makeup it’s a safe bet that anyone would love to receive the “ingredients” perfectly chosen to flatter them all in a sweet little package!
jordanaglossHOWEVER, as un-fussy as this lip-look appears, it can be a bit of a beast to get JUST the right color and shine without looking ghastly or like you’ve been sucking sticky-caramels all day (although that’s not a bad idea…:) Of course, top notch cosmetics with beautiful formulations and perfectly-crafted shades are an investment but that doesn’t mean they have to be expensive. For over 18 years, the Bijou family, based in Los Angeles, have been personally involved and successfully creating a fabulous line of products that really DO deliver “department store quality at budget pricing.” They have a huge following that rely on Jordana Cosmetics every season to be right on trend! I will admit, I had never tried anything in this line before but am absolutely AMAZED at how wonderful everything I now have really is. It’s just so nice to feel all snug about getting the goods and still having enough cash for other things without guilt or remorse!

The makeup-fairies that send my products for review must have really worked overtime because when the Jordana Easyliner lip pencil and Pretty Shine Lipgloss landed in my lap, everything changed. For the FIRST time, I had a pair of  magical products that went on like a dream almost without even trying. They gave me THE most perfect nude lip EVER I kid you not!  Do you even KNOW how many dozens of liners and glosses I have tried in hopes of prancing about like Kim or Angelina or the countless others whose lips manage to look natural only REALLY better? I now have the perfect nude pinky-beige with a slight shimmer look too!Kiss

Do NOT pay attention to the shades in the demo-pics above, they are simply meant to show the product packaging…You want to get the “Easyliner” lip pencil in EL-08 “Rock n Rose” a GORGEOUS shade of nude pink that literally glides on without any tugging or so much pigment that you have that dreadful ring of death on your freshly-lined lips. The pencil covers perfectly and wears like your fav jeans! It’s probably the prettiest nude liner I’ve ever seen and that’s saying a lot but the shade is just that perfect on me! (makeup artists will tell you to go two shades darker than your natural lip to begin to create a perfect nude-look )Then pop on over and grab the “Pretty Shine” luxury lip gloss in LG-03, “Lovely”, a light pinky- berry sparkle with a bit of gold shimmer: with these two products that will cost you less that FIVE DOLLARS for BOTH! You will absolutely be able to hold your own with ANY well made up chick at the party and people will be asking you for your secret smile recipe!

The packaging is surprisingly decent, the lip pencil is retractable and balanced in the hand, never needs sharpening, the doe-foot applicator for the gloss is soft and generous and the gloss smells and tastes absolutely yummy! Both products wear a LONG time when applied and I could give you the names of several MUCH pricier brands that will give you a similar look. Honestly? The Jordana products stay on better and more color-true and I am thrilled with the quality and look they create!

Such a fun, colorful, simple but cool Jordana website where you can play around and “get the look” as well as purchase the lip goodies plus a whole arsenal of fabulous cosmetic treats here. They really do have it all and at prices that I’m in awe of!

Seriously, at these prices for what are exceptional quality products that are VERY on point in their formulations and shades, you can be the sparkly- elf with the BEST gifts for all your girls! I’ve given you the recipe for THE perfect nude lip and all you have to do is maybe add a shadow/liner/mascara and voila! Add a cut-out picture from a magazine and “show” the look you’re gifting, tie up with a pretty ribbon (presentation is KEY!) and you’ve got a gift I would sure love to get!

Someone will thank you I’m sure and you’ll look like a pro-artist in the process!

Have you tried the sensational Jordana line of products and do you also love to give your girls the gift of beauty?

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