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“Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.”-Gwenyth Paltrow.

here, let’s talk, has there ever been a more iconic beauty item than the red lipstick? I would argue that every single woman at some point in her life has painted her pucker a ruby red.

I love red lipstick. I love it. It’s strong and fearless and wildly feminine and classic. It’s the beauty version of the Little Black Dress. Every woman should have their favorite go-to red. Why? Because much like the LBD every woman can wear it. It can be dressed up or dressed down and if you’re not comfortable with it than you need to get over that fear because it is here in a big way for fall!

The great news is that I have found a red lip that anyone can wear! It’s true. I’ve even applied this gloss to a few of my red lip phobia friends and they were absolutely beaming with the results.

Napoleon Perdis is a fashion week staple. He does all the major fashion show makeup and is a genius superstar. He knows not all of us are ready to go Garbo (why not, ladies?) He has his finger on the pulse because he doesn’t follow trends. He sets them. He has launched a magnificent Red Lipstick Bar that caters to all different scarlet needs. If you’re just getting into it then the best way to ease into this trend (the trend that’s timeless and not going anywhere). I would like to tell you about my newest cosmetic bag staple, the gloss that had my girls running to ULTA.

Under Cover Red Lipgloss takes the guess work out of it for you. It is self adjusting, meaning that it goes on clear but works with your lips natural PH to self adjust to the most flattering red. Sound too good too be true? Well, I too was a bit skeptical. Was this going to be like a 1970’s mood ring, or those .99 lipsticks that I bought in the eighties that promised me the perfect color, only to have me leaving for 5th grade with a bright magenta kisser? Mrs. Heaton was not amused.

I skeptically tried it on myself and was so happy with my results. It was natural but with a cherry kick! It was glossy and sexy and lasted. It’s like a stain but a perfectly customized one. Then I thought “Hmmm, maybe this is the color for everyone and I’m just lucky it turned out nice.” It made the way into my purses cosmetic bag nonetheless.

“Meg, will you do my makeup?” My girlfriend was on her way to an ultra-conservative company for a big job interview. We shopped for her classic outfit. Little black corporate shift dress. Black pumps and pearls and a fresh blow out. She was looking like a classical, professional Holly Golightly goes to the big firm for a very important meeting. It came time for me to apply her lips. She is conservative in her makeup just in her daily life and I didn’t want to be on the hook for any mistakes. The thing was, she really, really needed a pop of color to her lips. I grabbed the Under Cover Red Lipgloss and said a silent prayer that her PH balance didn’t demand a bright, siren red. If it did, I’m pretty sure she’d take her dainty hands and scratch my eyes out. I mean, this was a career making meeting.

With a deep breath, I applied the lipgloss and watched as it turned the most natural and flattering shade of crimson on her mouth. It was a beautiful thing to watch. She’s not ever at a loss for words, so I hesitantly backed away as she looked into her mirror. “I love it! Looks amazing.” She said and smiled.

It did look amazing and it took all of 30 seconds to give her a breathtaking glamour puss.

I highly, undoubtedly 100% recommend this gloss. You’re really going to love it. You’re also going to love Napoleon Perdis and his red lip tips. Learn the 12 minute rule.

I hope you ladies love this video! Napoleon is character plus and I love his passion. If you think of the word passion I think fire and when I think fire I see red so it makes perfect sense he’d nail it.

What about you? Red? I know you have one. The question is, which one? Ready to Hollywood Screen Star it up for fall?

Under Cover Red Lipgloss Buy It Here!

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