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NOCTURNALGoddess Granny is packing again…is it that I am going more or does it just take longer to get my act together? Like Meg, I have it down to a “science” rather I have learned what NOT to pack: I probably won’t ever be the girl who can fly with just a carry-on anymore because they FORCE us to pack all the good and necessary stuff these days. I cannot pack what I require to look good in a pitiful quart plastic baggie, sorry. If you can, here’s to you! I need my stuff, especially if I’m going someplace where I want to represent me at my best. If that means checking a bag, it’s a small price to pay! Who KNOWS what shade of shadow I’ll feel like wearing the “night of.” If I only pack one or two, I will obsess all night because I don’t have THE color on…crazy, this I know.
The bright side of this is that currently, there is NO need for me to pack more than a couple lipsticks: I have discovered THE most beautiful shade AND presentation of a lippy that I’ve seen in years. You are going to be VERY happy with me and today because I’m sharing it with you! Recently, I chatted about the remarkable lip stains and glosses from the coveted “Hourglass” brand and I simply MUST expand my raves to include their “Femme Rouge” lipsticks! Not only does the name itself make me go all girly but the lipstick is simply the most gorgeous thing I have purchased in many a moon! The case is nothing short of a mini-sculpture and feels amazing in you hand: hefty, sleek and substantial and it’s refillable!!! This is almost unheard of these days because it’s NOT cost effective to produce such an elegant case or refills. “Hourglass” has gone rather retro with this wonderful presentation and given us the “old is new again” refill-option! The formula of the lipstick is simply amazing: free of parabens, sulfates and other chemicals we all try to avoid. It GLIDES on with a richly pigmented totally un- gloppy or heavy application. It truly adds moisture to your lips without any need for plumping or extra steps as it’s really just that perfect as is! Your lips look enhanced because they are evenly coated with a finish that is exceptional! 
The colors are SO incredible: a few may look rather “dark” in the tube but once you slide them on, they give a beautiful true shade representation with a water-resistant finish that NEVER gets in the corners of your lips or settles! It’s just such a perfect formula that I feel sorry for all the other tubes on my vanity as they have been neglected since I discovered “Femme Rouge!” I have  “Embrace” a lighter than it looks shade of coppery-plum and “Nocturnal”,THE PERFECT winey-winter rose shade for Fall 2011 in heavy rotation and want to own every other shade asap!

If you’ve never worn a “real” grown up lipstick,you will understand the attraction and obsession the minute you hold a tube of Hourglass in your hand and see how GORGEOUS your lips look with a couple of swipes! This is the stuff of a vintage glamour-girl’s dream and I am SO glad that it’s found it’s way back into our lives and purses! “Velvet Cream” is such a great description of this sensual formula! 

“Nocturnal” is single handedly responsible for more compliments coming my way in the past two weeks than any other product I have ever worn! There is something about this shade that lights up your face, whitens your teeth and just makes your face look polished and people notice! MANY top beauty editors are also in love with this shade for a good reason! 
No surprise that I’d like to own every shade and Hourglass is making it possible to me to indulge: I’m sharing my Friends and Family Code with you today that is effective on the classy “Hourglass” website until Oct.28th for a very generous 20% off! I can’t resist such a great offer (nor will I!) and hope you’ll also check out the fabulous “Femme Rouge” lipsticks as well as the other spectacular products we’ve been talking about,you’ll be just as hooked as I am once you taste the luxury of this exquisite brand! 
Buy your “Femme Rouge” here and enter promo code GRATITUDE11 at check for the 20% promotion discount! Free shipping also compliments of Hourglass on purchases of $50.00 or more…I am swooning! 
If you’ve never worn a true lipstick,I suggest you start with the best I’ve tried in many years and give “Femme Rouge” a try! Don’t you love it when a single product can literally upgrade your look to fabulous? Don’t miss out on this amazing promotion and rest assured you are investing in what I believe is the most luxurious brand currently available! Pack light but choose your lipstick with style! 

Have you ever tried Hourglass Cosmetics? What is your favorite lipstick brand? 


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