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HOURGLASSAURALIPSTAINAre y’all LOVING Meg’s fun and fabulous reports from Fashion Week or what? Goddess Granny sure is! I totally agree that the fashion events her high-heeled self is attending are truly just “fantasyland” for designers and artists of all nature and how lucky are we to have their incredible visions as inspirations? There is SO much that goes into creating these events and I for one am exhausted simply trying to virtually keep up with our Meg!

Spring 2012 will no doubt be even more amazing because is representing in style!!! I have spent time with Meg and you have NO idea how hard our girl works: there are many who tell her “No” but she always manages to somehow push her luck (Irish, of course!) She gets the job done without getting arrested…well most of the time 🙂 You need to be not only beautiful, credible and connected through your hard work but also to not be afraid to stand your ground in order to even gain entrance to some of these “shows.” Meg isn’t going to let anyone kick her out of the way even if her feet are killing her. Again, she works so hard she makes it look effortless and I for one am constantly in awe of her!

So while I’m relying on our Meg to get the skinny on Spring 2012, I am still waiting for any that resembles a cool breeze that hints of my beloved Autumn. It’s impossible to get excited about boots and heavy sweater-ponchos when it’s still hovering near 100 degrees BUT I am plotting my “face changes” for Fall 2011! I’m all about the vintage glam and seduction this season! It  really has ALL been done before in terms of “looks” but new technology allows for better products and application so that we the consumers can successfully attempt our own “Fashion Week” interpretations at home!

I’m all over subtle metallics although I cannot seem to embrace the “peridot/beetle-wing green” nail polishes that are the rage so far, as well as deep lips WITH a clean- lined non-smokey eye! Sorry but I’m one of “those” who isn’t adhering to the “either eyes OR lips” accentuated “rule” anymore. I have perfected my cat’s eye and am intending to rock it along WITH killer deep-toned lips!

Recently I chatted with y’all about the “Calligraphy” liquid eyeliner by Hourglass Cosmetics…it’s truly one of THE best on the market in my opinion and since then I’ve moved on to stalk Sephora for everything else in this unbelievably high-quality and chic line of products! Even I get overwhelmed at the counter sometimes and it has really been nice to focus on this brand by bee-lining it to their section the minute I walk in the door! Packaging is very important to me: if you’ve even had a wayward cosmetic ruin the inside of a favorite bag you’d know why BUT I also insist that if I’m going to spend, it needs to be a terrific product and Hourglass has been elevated to the top of my vanity for good reason! I am ALL about “lip stains” this Fall and I’ll tell you why: they last, don’t bleed into any little lip-wrinkles and give you gorgeous but not cakey or overdone color. That’s especially important in the deeper shades. Sheer AND deep is what’s modern!  Also I recently began teaching sensual fitness and when you are instructing someone in the fine art of “hair-tossing” (yes, there IS a preferred method)your hair doesn’t get stuck to your lips and then drag that annoying color-slash down your cheek like you see happening with gloss…wind also does this.

The problem IS, many lip stains can be drying due to the pigmentation and lack of any “slip” which also gives them staying-power but this is NOT the case with Hourglass’s line of “Aura” sheer water based lip stains!

The sleek and substantial case has an amazing built-in applicator, no wand, that once primed via clicking the bottom, allows the perfect amount of color to glide onto your lips. I don’t need a pencil at all because it doesn’t travel and I can shape my lips, adding more depth at the center lower and middle upper lips so that it looks like I’ve got two products on! You can of course add gloss on top if you’re not hair-tossing and yes, Hourglass”Extreme Sheen” Lipgloss is equally amazing! ( I’d suggest snagging it in “Siren” before it’s a total sellout as it’s on the top of so many pro’s “must have list!”) I’m counting the days until I can begin to wear my Aura stain in “Scarlet” which is actually more of a cabernet-berry than red and truly the ultimate femme fatale lip color to let the world know that Fall IS here! It’s totally non-drying and just gives your lips the most beautiful texture and depth…very “film noir” without a makeup artist standing by!

Buy it here! I’m currently wearing and loving the slightly more subtle but equally as beautiful Aura lip stain shade “Petal”. Compared to every other lip stain I’ve tried, Hourglass again sets the bar for me again in terms of quality and on point shade- trend!

Have you tried lip stains and discovered how incredible they can make your lips look for hours? Are you also excited to ditch the bronze and coral for the seductive shades of Fall 2011 and what are you loving?

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