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hcwetIt just cost Goddess Granny over $85.00 to put 3/4 of a tank of gas in my vehicle! Granted, I drive a “country girl” pickup truck out of necessity but I also don’t have to drive daily and pretty much can afford to fuel up whenever I reach the halfway point…not so for the five or six other vehicles an the outside of the station-lot who apparently either ran out of gas and were filling from cans or arrived on fumes and didn’t quite make it to the pump. I don’t want to sound like a “gloomer” but this damn gas crunch is starting to affect ALL of us in some way! I find that I am buying less, choosing carefully. Now I believe that a truly cute straw-tote from Target will get me through the Summer with great style. I’ll save my “purse fund” for something “name” come Fall when hopefully, things have settled a bit!

I am not frugal by nature but I like to think I’m a smart shopper so when I find a REALLY great product that is inexpensive and fabulous, I need to share with y’all asap!

I love lip stains and pencils: I workout a lot and once I leave the house for the day it’s a “drive” for me to get back home so whatever I apply in the am and toss in my purse has to go the distance with me! I find that these formulas cling longer than slick glosses and creamy sticks (which I also love) so I have quite a few shades in rotation. Last week, I FORGOT to put my new, rather pricey, but oh so fabulous and chic “Dolce Vita” velvet lip pencil (Nars) in my purse. I was running late and of course, had a business-related lunch that day. Not much between here in Lonesome Dove-land and “civilization” aka an upscale mall with lots of restaurants except a Walmart. I know…we all know…I was desperate! Figured at the very least,I could find a tube of “Cherries in the Snow” (Revlon, a classic red) that hadn’t been mangled by a four year old and I’d be on my way with a backup tube for after lunch 🙂

Ran in to discover that the Revlon aisle has been ravaged by wolves who ate lipstick and was about to leave,figuring I’d bite the hell out of my lips for color when I spotted the GORGEOUS “Hard Candy” display on the end cap! I was in awe! TONS of products, adorable packaging, amazing colors, many in my fav “not so natural” shades! Lotions, potions, glitters and more glosses and lipsticks than was fair to a makeup-maven! I wanted to load the display into my truck and sort it all out later!

I was familiar with the brand since it’s been around since 1995: the first Hard Candy products were their oh SO cute nail polishes with color-coordinating resin-rings on top that were created by of the owners at the time, “Dineh” who hand-blended a baby blue shade of enamel to match a pair of shoes and the rest is history! THAT’S where all the “colored nails” started my Darlin’s! The color was marketed in the LA area and THEN worn by Alicia Silverstone on a talk show and VOILA! “Hard Candy” polishes became THE most coveted! I remember having “Sushi” as a pedicure-color back then, a creamy light turquoise that STILL looks amazing with silver shoes! The brand went on to expand and add many products,all with cutting-edge colors and cute packaging and in 1999 was acquired by our friends at LVMH. In 2009,the entire line was re-vamped for mass market sales under a contract with Walmart, who knew?I t’s been around for a while because it’s fun, fabulous and affordable!

I tried hard to focus and grabbed a couple of “Visibly Wet” Glossy Lip Pencils from quite a large selection of colors ranging from very pale to deep and finishes: from very sheer to opaque glittered. I am in LOVE with “Must Have” a sheer berry that glides on like a dream and “Babe”, a vivid strawberry pink with glitter! These pencils are chubby, easy to hold, glide on effortlessly and the sheer formula has enough pigment to give those “bitten” and luscious lips. The more opaque glitter (NOT chunky or obvious,more of a shimmer finish…) pencil covers perfectly and lasts like crazy. This shade is SO on trend for Summer, it’s juicy watermelon with a shimmering- edge!

At around six dollars a piece, these lip pencils are a STEAL! The color payoff actually rivals the one I left at home (meant to be?) and I can have three of these for the price of that one! The shades are AMAZING! You need to check the finishes as some are sheer, some creamy and some sparkle-saturated 🙂 I cannot wait to have enough time to actually stand at the Hard Candy display and choose more from this brand: if everything “old” is new again, this is a GREAT brand for the price and you won’t run out of gas trying to stay beautiful!

Super-cute site,read about all the cool products and you can “buy at Walmart” via their link.

I have some products that I’m not willing to “downsize” but when it comes to creative colors, finishes with flair and bang for a buck, I’m going to give “Hard Candy” a longer look for sure! Have you also been excited to find some less expensive products that rival the big brands?

PS: If you want that “Burlesque”-inspired glitter eyelid that is all the rage in the clubs, look no further than “Showgirl Glitter” and adhesive’s! These products are fabulous for creating an insanely sparkling glittered-eye that lasts all night!

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