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erotic cosmetics“I wanna be your fantasy maybe U could be mine? Just leave it all up 2 me we could have a good time…” Kiss by Prince

I defy anyone not to become motivated to go wreck a bit of romantic-related havoc when a Prince song begins to play? Goddess Granny sighing here: it may not be quite the right time for a motivated bout of “Spring Fever” yet but it’s that red-lipstick-circled day on the calendar (and no, I don’t think it’s a “Hallmark card day”!) when all the lil’ cupids with their chubby bare butts go out to frolic and shoot unsuspecting mortals with heart-tipped arrows in hopes of inciting a bit of passionate love and romance!

Happy Valentines Day to all! If you don’t choose to share it with anyone, try and make it a point to love yourself just a bit more on this day devoted to love in all it’s many forms! Do a little something special for you or for someone you care about… smooch a stranger… smile and flirt with an old guy… do something random, ridiculously romantic and reckless whatever it might be because we all know the world is sadly in need of a bit more love these days so represent and throw some extra goodness around!

I absolutely love it when something lands in my lap that turns out to be fun as well as being really nice: a friend in Florida sent me some goodies from this company over the holidays and I’ve been waiting for JUST the right time to post about them: she is very special and also gorgeous to the extent that’s it’s ridiculous so because of it she makes a damn good living off her looks: don’t hate,lucky her! She also has a killer sense of humor, is loyal and kind, and like our fabulous Meg, knows and goes to all the right places with the coolest people and she discovered this line at an exclusive beauty event.

I giggled like a tween when I opened my package from her and once I poked through all the glitter hearts and pink feathers she had used as packing-material (gotta’ love it!) I was delighted with the products from the company named “Erotic Cosmetics” cuddled inside the pink box.

(I am already starting to hear Jeanasina and Stylemama snort and giggle so stop it and listen up:) These products are fabulous AND fun! Very high quality with gorgeous packaging and the colors are so adorable and girly-girl, I want them all! I am not responsible for the names and/or descriptions which are sassy rather than sleezy IMO so no “offense taken” please? My lipstick shade is “Ride em’ Raspberry”, a beautiful creamy neutral shade of rose in a yummy sculpted and swirled case that feels sooooo nice in your hand and goes beautifully: you’re thinking another damn lipstick review, right?

“Our Naughty Lipstick encourages romantic kissing and foreplay among couples. Plus this unique Naughty Lipstick doubles as the perfect body pen. Use it to write love notes anywhere on your body you want to be licked and kissed…”

Okay,maybe not! This entertaining company description truly has found a niche in the market:

Erotic Cosmetics created Sugar Lips in 2004 because we had a mission to empower women and make them feel extraordinarily sexy and beautiful! With high quality products, made in the USA, which are elegantly packaged. At Erotic Cosmetics we have our own niche in the cosmetic industry, with a first of its kind, all of our products have an erotic twist yet made of the finest ingredients and beautiful packaging so you can wear them every day. They will enhance any oral experience because they are all edible and lick able and can be used on any part of the body. Which will encourage kissing and foreplay and will bring your sex life to a new level of intimacy.
All of our products smell and tastes delicious, tantalizing your lover to kiss and lick every inch of your body! Our colors are gorgeous and made to enhance all skin shades.

Taste the passion with Sugar Lips products!

These are NOT the tacky sugary-sweet cheap items one can find in those local “female friendly” sin bin shops on the outskirts of town in those strange smelling doublewides but high quality, luscious and smooch-worthy goodies you won’t be able to get enough of! Lip/Nipple gloss in perfect shade of pink… not sure where I can go with THAT tasty little detail but it could be fun if you don’t get carried away:) Tingling Sugar Dust in sparkling shades of yummy… some really cute “Sugar Lips” t-shirts and undies… just enough charmingly packaged and cute items to whet your lips and maybe someone else’s appetite? I am dying for that next invite to a bachelorette party to land in my mailbox (although at my age,it’s usually for the daughter of someone I know and I have to use restraint) or what the hell, I’d LOVE to give some of these treats to any lady just for the fun of it, what’s not to like? They even have some fabulous gift sets and the pricing is great! I love that the lip-shades are easy to choose and “flattering to all skin tones” in wearable pinks and reds…

Their site is so much fun to browse: there are notes on types of kisses, kissing styles, what your lipstick “personality” says about you, etc. Those oh so PRETTY lipstick and gloss colors have just enough of a twist on the theme to really reel me in: some of the names and descriptions had me also snorting a bit with ever so slightly-shocked giggles as well but it’s all very tasteful and again, these products are special and VERY well done!

So, this Valentine’s Day, I’m introducing y’all to something that’s “Not just a lipstick… a LUSTY adventure” as the cool folks at “Erotic Cosmetics” say and suggest that you too become the star of your very OWN bodice-ripping, heart-stopping, romance novel and try out one of their lipsticks or other goodies: who knows, it might just be what will set your heart or other parts on fire!

Visit the site/buy the products here

We’d LOVE to know if you’ve tried anything by “Erotic Cosmetics” and if you also think these are as cute and clever as we do? Which colors get your blood-racing?

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