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Meg here! You all asked that we showcase some Mom and Pop brands! You wanted to see some indie’s! Well, welcome fave Stylemama as she debuts her new column MADE WITH HEART AND SOUL!-ENJOY!

Stylemama here, thinkin’ about kissin’.  I love to kiss. I’m not particular about where my kisses end up, as long as they hit their mark, I am happy.  Well, all that kissing means I really enjoy dressing my lips too.  I may not have been blessed with a full, sensual mouth, (Thank you Angelina!) but I was blessed with plenty of “know-how”.  In part, it’s about choosing the right products; they must look and feel fantastic, but a healthy dose of lip reality doesn’t hurt either.  Jerry Seinfeld said it best, ”Where lipstick is concerned, the important thing is not color, but to accept God’s final word on where your lips end.” Well put Jerry.

When Goddess C.A.T. sent over some of their fantastic products a kissing review was inevitable.  You’ll see, your going to want to kiss me smack on the mouth, when I am through with you.  On to the lipsticks and glosses, or as Isabelle used to say, “lickups and glosses.”    I call them, The Triple Threat, individually they work beautifully, but combine them and honey, and you’ll see fireworks.  I’m talking about their Glassilixir, Lip Nouveau Dual Lip Liner and matching lip crème, and Forbidden Fruit Lip Ambrosia.

Their Glassilixir is that perfect clear, glassy gloss that we all know and love.  It’s perfect for achieving that brighter, more enhanced, yet, natural looking pout.  It gave my naked lips a dazzling effect, that left me looking dramatically fuller with zero artificial plumpers; very eye catching ladies. It’s a customer favorite, aptly referred to as Femme Fatale in a bottle.  What’s the catch you ask? Gloop-y lips you can’t separate? Nope. Nothin’ but slick and shiny! Well, bend me over, and give me a good spankin’ because I was shocked!  No sticky funk?  That’s right, just smooth, high watt shine!  Wow…..Kissin’ and  spankin’!  Thank you! May I have another……..

Lip Nouveau, the next sneaky little surprise, looks like you’re your typical gloss, but turns out to be a nifty lip liner and gloss combo.  The little sucker snaps right in the lid- genius!  I was surprised how much more frequently I lined my lips and was rewarded with a much more polished look; it’s so accessible.  The texture is smooth and the color quality is awesome. I got mine in Monaco, a beautiful burnished wine color, perfect for a more dramatic lip.

The last member of my Goddess C.A.T. lip-love, Forbidden Fruit Lip Ambrosia!  This is a gorgeous, quality lipstick that is nourishing, multi-dimensional, and offers great layering qualities.  I got mine in Goblet , apply a little and you’ll get a nice, sheer wash of  berry-bronze or lay it on thick and you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful deep color with excellent staying power.  Did I mention, IT’S BERRY SCENTED?  It’s the perfect pick-me up, grin for no good reason-kind of berry scent.  Smile……

However, one of the most impressive qualities shared by all three products is their unique relationship with light.  Somehow, the light just reaches up, ever so gently, and dances around your mouth; showcasing your best features while secretly camouflaging your flaws.

 Ifeanyi Chijindu (beautifully pronounced EE faw nee or EE fawn yee) is the owner of Goddess C.A.T and is filled with such positive energy that you can’t help but be affected by it.  Clearly, she stands for the same powerful values that all of the MegHeads share, saying things like, “Imagine if every woman looked for something beautiful within herself to show the world EVERY day?”   In addition to that, every time you make a Goddess C.A.T. purchase you can feel good about the donation made to Global Fund for Women, a worldwide organization committed to empowering women. Couple that with their cruelty-free approach and the fact that ALL Goddess C.A.T. products are free of petroleum products and mineral oil and we are talking serious MegHead material…….  

 When asked for her best beauty advice, this is what she had to say:

“We all know the basics: drink lots of water, get 8-10 hours of sleep; eat your veggies, yada yada…… I like beauty advice that talks about beauty from the inside out, because, to me, that’s really where it starts and my concept of Goddess C.A.T’s makeup line stems from beauty starting with your psyche and attitude.” 
She included a Pablo Picasso quote, “ There are only two types of women – goddesses and doormats.”  She goes on to say, ”Once you decide which one you’re gonna be—goddess or doormat—make up, hair and style become an effortless part of your personality and that’s what makes a woman irresistibly beautiful.”  You said it sister!

Each one of these classics share a price point of just under ten dollars.  Unless, of course, you catch them now while they are on sale for around seven.  Quality products that feed the beast without spending all our coin, nice…


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