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GloMinerals Glo Liquid Lips

GloMinerals Glo Liquid Lips

Hi, My name’s Desertdoll and I’m the self-imposed lipgloss maven of Meg’s Makeup. So when we got a shipment of gloMinerals glo Liquid lips, it was only obvious that I wrote the post (Ok, I scooped it up like I wasAngelina and it was a foreign baby, no one really stood a chance). The ladies around the office like to tease me that it’s all just an act to get more product, but honestly-I am very discriminating. I like different glosses for different reasons, they all serve specific purposes and damn it, I won’t lie-I’ve met very few I don’t like. But tell me, what other item can bring so much joy? Blush? Ha! Eyeliner? Please! Foundation? Don’t make me laugh! But I can say, if it’s overly sticky, way too frosty or smells TOO much like food-I probably won’t like it. So because I can, I’d like to now present to you my lipgloss hall of fame (drumroll please, and in no particular order):

Stila Lip Glaze in Brown Sugar-the perfect shimmery light tan. Lola in Rush-a dark red shimmer that can spark up day lips or be layered over lipstick at night for a more sultry look.

Freeze 24/7 Plump Lips in Ice-the only plumper that I felt really made a noticeable difference, plus it goes on clear but turns your lips a light, popsicle pink.It’s like Science! Tarte Double-Ended glosses-I can’t pick a favorite here. Jake and Samantha, Daisy and Gatsby, Fred and Ginger-adorably named famous couples equals sheer, gorgeous glosses. Plus, 2 for 1, a girl knows a good deal when she sees one!

Too Faced Diamond Gloss in Canary-just like it says, it’s like putting a coat of crushed yellow diamonds on your lips. Great alone but wonderful over lipstick too.

Smashbox Limited edition in Beauty-oh why, oh why can I not get this gloss in a full size?! It’s part of mini collection and was never made larger. It’s a gorgeous sheer coral that is pure summer. Seriously, this gloss is happiness with a wand.

Kiehl’s Moisturizing in Tawny Gold-this is the only pot in the bunch, a not quite pink, not quite peach, absolutely perfect on everyone shade that lasts forever.

The Balm Plump my Pucker in Cherry my Cola-a dark pink shimmer, lightly cherry coke flavored gloss that works with any look I may have on. This is the most versatile gloss on the list.

Scott Barnes Flossy Glossy in Vivid, a hot pink, ready to raise a ruckus, kind of color that is perfect for a night out with the girls. Plus this gloss really has a lot of pigment, almost like a liquid lipstick.

The final gloss in my hall of fame will be a mystery for the moment. Here’s what gloMinerals have to say about their gloss: “A high shine, luxurious formulation for an ultra-moist look that lasts while rich nutrients condition and protect. gloLiquid lips is a true mineral makeup innovation proving high fashion can also be good for your lips.” Is gloMinerals one of my favorites? Is it one of yours? Is lipgloss the key to happiness?! Ladies-please post now!

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