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cold soreSweetassgal here hoping I can help out a few Megheads out there who might suffer from the same embarrassing affliction I do. Yes folks, I am a cold sore sufferer and have been ever since I was a little kid. It’s bad enough that I would invariably wake up EVERY school picture morning with one of these pesky little buggers on my lip, but Sweetassgal had to top it by sporting a HUGE cold sore in Junior High right in the middle of sex education week! ONLY someone with my dumb luck would bring an actual example of Herpes Simplex I to class just so the other kids could have years of fun calling me Herpes or Herp Head or any variation thereof. GOOD TIMES!

I guess you can say when it comes to cold sores I’m kind of a connoisseur of medication and treatments. But my vast years of experience in this unpleasant arena are your gain today because if you suffer, or someone you know and love suffers from cold sores, then I’m here to change your life. LITERALLY! There are a few natural prevention items on the market that I have tried which actually work and are affordable. So many things I’ve tried didn’t live up to their potential or just plain cost TOO much money. These, however work EVERY time!

L-lysine changed my life.  It’s an amino acid found in veggies, fish, chicken and cheese which provides plenty of lysine for most healthy adults. However, for those of us who need additional lysine to fight off a flare up research shows that taking at least 1250 mg of lysine supplement a day can really help repress the number of episodes one experiences and can help shorten the effects when that nasty little pest actually shows up. These effects are even greater when taken in conjunction with Vitamin C, B6 and Zinc and we all know just about everyone can use a little more of that this time of year! Solaray has a supplement with all four ingredients for just $9.00 and trust me… it’s worth its weight in gold to keep me outbreak free.

Vitamin E is one of those miracle “do all” kind of products that no girl should be without. Taken orally or used topically it helps fight aging, promotes skin moisture, has high antioxidant and restorative powers and now I know… it fights cold sores too! The benefits of Vitamin E are so great that even without cold sores I’d take it every day anyway. But I know that when I get that familiar little “tingle” on my lip that I can prick the end of a Vitamin E soft gel and let that lovely oil work its magic on abating the pending outbreak. Since soft gels are so portable I can keep them close at hand for immediate application and relief. Daily application also helps keep the number of cold sores I get to a minimum.

It used to be, before my discovery of L-lysine and Vitamin E, that I would get a massive break out every time I was stressed, overly tired or my immune system was just low. One time in college I broke out with about 10 at once and was so sick I couldn’t get out of bed or even eat! I thought God had plagued me with some biblical affliction assuring me only the lepers of Calcutta would look at me without wincing. But now, I am past all of that and might get just one tiny cold sore a year! Sometimes it’s barely even noticeable and I’m elated! To anyone who suffers… there is NO need to any more. You don’t need expensive prescriptions or to endure needless outbreaks because with just a little natural prevention you can be cold sore free! Not only will your lips thank you but the rest of your body will too by receiving the added benefit of a little more “good stuff” in your system. 

And to that wicked Junior High girl who dubbed me Herp Head… my cold sores are a thing of the past but you’ll ALWAYS be a mean, nasty, tiny hearted wench. GLAM ON!

Are you ladies suffering from wicked cold sores? Any homemade remedies that do the trick for you?

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