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Sweetassgal here jetting around one of my favorite places… the ultra lush and gorgeous Pacific Northwest. Flying over this rich land I’m always astounded by the sheer beauty of the foliage, the natural aura of botanicals that draws you in and the hint of sea air that you catch as you breeze by Puget Sound. I feel instantly at home here and have an ease that I just don’t get to experience in the dry and arid Sacramento Valley. However great my mood may be, my lips aren’t fairing well at all. Up in a dry plane, through airport ventilation, in and out of rental cars and different offices… I’ve been at the mercy of every kind of environmental condition one can take in just a 24 hour period… and I didn’t pack my lip balm in my carry on. SACRILIDGE!

Knowing I’d not have a lot to do at night traveling this week other than work and eat greasy take out Chinese, I brought along my latest pack from Meg to test out and play with in my hotel rooms. I was a sight for sure last night with bronzer, eye shadows, soaps and product galore sprawled all around me. Then, there it was… something I thought was something else entirely. The name Gabriel caught my eye is a blue and green box. I’ve reviewed Gabriel before (LOVED their powder… it’s still the best organic powder in my opinion) and when I saw the box I assumed it was a skin cream or some kind of face wash. Then on second look I realized it was a lip treatment! Not a balm or your standard waxy tube but an actual TREATMENT! Quelle happiness because my lips are feeling the travel and they need some therapy fast. I’m in the land of water and now a marine treatment is here to save the day.
The first thing I noticed about Gabriel Organics Marine Lip Treatment was that it has SPF 18 in it. I love this! I still can’t believe how many balms don’t include it when we are told daily to protect our skin. Doesn’t that tell you something? Shouldn’t they ALL automatically have it since our lips are skin too? Anyway, I was thrilled to see that and then the added benefits of Vitamin A, C and E along with Sea Fennel and Trace Minerals (the latter of which I immediately Googled) and found out that these are basic minerals that support life and are required by living organisms to thrive. I’d like to thrive… how about you? Thrive while reducing the look of fine lines and skin dullness thanks to the Sea Fennel. Also infused with evening primrose oil and sweet orange flower oil to soothe lips on contact, while softening roughness and helping reduce dryness I’d say this is packed with so much goodness I don’t know how they found the room for the SPF?!
Upon first application I found that there really isn’t much of a taste and I have to admit this will make my Sweetassguy happy. He hates to kiss me with “mud” on my lips because he doesn’t like to taste what’s coating them. Also, this formula isn’t heavy, waxy or slimey. It’s really, really soft and just sort of sinks right in to your lips which is why it’s a lip treatment and not just a balm. It’s going to work healing your dry, chapped lips and not just coating them with a thick film. By the time I was halfway through my Chow Mein I noticed my lips were soft, supple and back to their pre-flight status. That was quick!  I kept it by my bed and reapplied just before hitting the pillow. 
The change in climate had me a little stuffed up and as a result of this I awoke to find I was sleeping with my mouth wide open last night. Attractive I know but only the faint glow of The Nanny on Nick at Night was there to witness it. She’s not one to complain about nasal so I had nothing to worry about. I couldn’t believe it when I found my lips still soft and not at all dried out even though I had been a practicing mouth breather for hours! This is a ringing affirmative that this stuff really hydrates and lasts. I put it on underneath my Urban Decay lipstick this morning and it’s still going strong in to lunch. If you need serious lip care and treatment I would recommend investing in a tube. In fact, my sister is a firefighter and she’s got chronically dry and peeling lips.  OUCH! I’m going to recommend this to her in a heartbeat and see how it stands up to her environment! That’s no day at the park I can tell you. She’ll be the ultimate test.  
Gabriel Organics is USDA Organic and Eco Cert approved so it’s really just the highest level of true organic you can get. From their face powder I love to the Sea Clay Purifying Mud Mask I’m dying to try you just can’t go wrong with this line if organic that really works is what you are looking for. I find mine at my local health store which I love because I can really get in there and check out product but it’s also available online to peruse as you wish. For those with severe dry lip issues, the price of the Gabriel’s Lip Marine Treatment is worth it.  For me… anything Gabriel is at the top of my wish list. 


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